Faeria is now Free to Play!

##Free-to-play is here

It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally made it. We’ve spent a large part of Early Access gearing up for this day.

While Early Access still continues, we are very excited to have reached this milestone and made the game available to everyone, everywhere - for free.

Visit the Steam Store page to download Faeria

We warmly welcome all the new players who will be joining us - and remind all of you, new and old, that we are eager to hear any feedback you have as we work towards coming out of Early Access.

##Solo content overhaul

With the unleashing of Free-to-Play comes our first public iteration of the new single player experience. Most of the initial content is oriented toward new and casual players in order to provide a viable alternative to participating in multiplayer or competitive modes. You will now be able to challenge and play against characters in the Faeria universe, earning rewards and increasing your collection size in the process.

Along the way, you’re likely to meet the shady Fugoro. Be warned: not only might he give you only one chance to defeat him, but he also has some dirty tricks up his sleeve.

Jalmyr will also make his first appearance in Faeria, challenging the player to solve a selection of puzzles that teach new players important concepts while slowly ramping up in difficulty over time. Keep an eye out for both Fugoro and Jalmyr in future updates, we surely haven’t seen the last of them yet!

Keep in mind, this is just the beginning for our new single player mode. Today is the first of three major single player updates between now and our 1.0 full release, and we have much more planned by the end of the year: More characters, more interactions, more challenges, and even new types of challenges. Keep watching our news here for when they arrive.

##New languages

We are happy to welcome our Italian friends to Faeria, now with native support of their language within the game. Our crack team of polyglot Yaks got so caught up in translating into Italian that they were last seen leaving the studio in search of a pizzeria. They did, however, leave a message stating that the Polish language will be ready to add to the game by next week.

##New art

Many, many cards have received their final art in this version. Begone, placeholders! See if you can spot them all.

Along with these updates, Gut Gorger has been renamed to Exalted Ogre.

##Mythic card layout update

As mentioned previously, with the release of this version comes a reworked layout of Mythic cards: cosmetic card layouts you can win through Pandora or pay a hefty crafting cost to show off. Behold, the new hotness:

You’ll have to discover the other Mythic layouts for yourself!

##Introducing: The Gold Fountain

Many of you have requested some sort of transaction like this, and we think you’ll like it. If you purchase a Gold Fountain, you will receive an initial large dose of gold. Not only that, but the fountain will continue to spray forth a daily dose of gold for thirty consecutive days! This will allow you to instantly boost your collection, test your skill in Pandora, or collect any of our fancy cosmetic items.

  • GOLD FOUNTAIN ~ $4.99
    • Upon purchasing, receive 600 gold.
    • Each day the fountain is active you receive 60 gold. The fountain continues to flow for 30 days.
    • If you do the math, this means the total value for each fountain is: 2400 gold.
    • Gold rewards will stack every day if not claimed, meaning you don’t have to log in every single day to receive the full value of the fountain.
    • You may only have one Gold Fountain active at a time.

As a note, the ability to upgrade into the Early-Access bundle from our in-game store did not quite make it into this version due to technical reasons, but will be coming soon.

##The Eggs are hatching

It’s happening.

In celebration of the Free-to-play release, your existing eggs will hatch between the dates of September 10th and 11th, the weekend of our next official $3300 Monthly Cup. During this period, players will once again have the opportunity to gather more eggs by watching the Twitch stream of the tournament.

Yes, this means if your egg hatches you will be able to incubate another and wait the next hatching period.

What will your egg hatch into?

You’ll have to wait and see.

  • The Faeria Team

Just the beginning, huh? Count me in ^^

Just played the new Solo mode and I’m already at 50% Quest and 50% Puzzle. :imp:

Great, great stuff! I really hope people will honor this and the game keeps growing.