Faeria is now officially Pay-to-Win - /uninstall

I just lost a ranked game versus three Mythic Cards I don’t have access to and can’t craft.
The fact that people can pay to get them first is "okay"ish. I understand the need to pay your employees.
The fact that they can play these cards in Ranked Games is completely against the spirit of the format.

Either all cards in Ranked mode have to be craftable and found in chests by anyone,
Or cards not craftable and not foundable in chests have to be temporarily banned from Ranked Games.
No problem with Solo mode, Campaign mode, Casual format or Pandora.

If Faeria does not understand this, their competitive format is a joke.

I have played Faeria for 460h., am level 450 or so and I have reached God Rank two out of three seasons since I started playing. I have also spent about 40$ in “Gems”.

The way the company has handled the release of their new expansion makes me want to uninstal the game and never look at it ever again.

Get the marketing guys out of your devellopement meetings guys god. They will ruin your game.


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You can buy the expansion for 9500 gold, which isn’t that hard to get tbh, in total the expansion will cost 38k gold and that’s for 7 legendaries 33 epics 36 rares and 9 commons. Those cards have been obtainable for everyone since yesterday, the only way to get the MYTHIC version of them is to buy a pouch, but you can get the normal version that works exactly the same by going in-game and buying the island for gold.


No. only gems aka real money.

If there is a way to buy it with gold only then it is really badly designed as I legitimately tried to purchase the expansion but couldn’t find anywhere to buy it.

And 9.5k or 38k, etc. is fine.
But very veyr simply the cards need to be in the chests and craftable, period.
Any workaround is unbalancing the game and making it Pay-to-Win, no matter what fluff you want to shove down your throat.

Anyway, this is my two cents and warning to anyone reading: Faeria is dead, find another game to spend your gaming time :slight_smile:

Here you go man, the full step process that you didn’t bother with.
Click play.
Click adventures.
Click oversky.
You know why you don’t buy it in the store? Because there’s a giant map like the world bosses so they’d have to add in links to the map after each purchase.
Since the cards are so much easier to get from the adventure it’d be detrimental to a FTP player to get them from chests since they’re just gonna be dusted anyways. No reason to let people disenchant/craft them either since they’re getting all copies of them and that would be confusing to new players that see those cards and say “Oh I should craft that legendary!” and then end up getting the expansion soon after essentially just wasting a lot of memoria.


Sulphur is right:

  • You can buy the cards from the Oversky map (where it says Purchase) for gold.

  • It’s much cheaper to buy an island set than it is to buy lots of chests full of duplicates, you would have to buy many chests to get a few epics but the islands will just give you a full set of every rarity.

  • Players don’t want these cards from chests; Buying the island is cheaper, and when you have the Island already then the chests will only give you duplicates which is pointless.

The expansion did confuse some people, i understand that, putting the gold offer somewhere else, as well as requiring a different kind of purchase to get the expansion cards, made it inconsistent.

But your anger was misplaced. Faeria isn’t pay to win, this model is actually much better for us players. I assume you aren’t going to change your mind now, but its a great game and the expansion only expanded on that. Abrakam do work hard, they aren’t going to cheat their players.


I don’t get why that’s any less P2W?
You can get the Oversky content from grinding or paying. Same with chests and cards.

You can have the mythic cards only if you already have the normal cards of those creatures/events/buildings. And there are only 2 way to get the normal cards buying the big offers with money (to save you time) or buying the islands with gold (as i think 90% players have done). Luckily for us their business model is very f2p friendly, you just need to play for a couple of months to have enough gold to get all the new creatures, and most of the players already have or can easily get what they miss in the next weeks.

I have seen so many software companies in the last decades, Abrakam is one of the most honest and transparent and friendly.

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Its true, 9500 gold for 2 leg, 15 epic, 3 rare, 6 common is really pay to win…
Man, before do such post, ask friends, discord, board …

While I agree with the responses so far that the game is no less Pay-to-Win with the current deployment of Oversky than in any other CCG (Hearthstone expansions for example), I would like to note one interesting phenomenon that will develop following the release of Oversky.

Following the release of a number of expansions in Hearthstone, the game was broken up into two competitive constructed modes: Wild and Standard. The purpose of this was to rotate in cards from new expansions and discontinue the sale of old expansions. All cards were available to be played in Wild, but only the current block (as in MtG) were available in Standard. This also had the side-effect of curtailing power-creep at a competitive level, so that Standard retained relative power and did not advantage those players who had accumulated all the most powerful cards from previous expansions (which were no longer easily available to new players).

The model for collecting cards from previous Xpacs in HS was to continue to allow players to craft those cards even though the individual “packs” were not available for purchase. This meant that a F2P player could still, conceivably, get their hands on the entire collection. How is this relevant for the above comments on Faeria?

While I don’t share LanMarek’s gloomy outlook on the game, the point is actually rather important, and has been missed (perhaps even by LanMarek!) in the responses on this thread. If there is no model in place for players to access Oversky cards via the crafting system, they are locked behind a paywall. The other contributors here noted quite rightly that it is rather a small hurdle for the F2P people: 38k gold. But the point remains that, if nothing else changes in the design philosophy, 3 expansions from now new players will have legitimate concerns.

True, this is a problem for the future in some regards. But it does have an effect on how the game is perceived going forward. Is the plan to continue to have all the cards available for Ranked play? Should we expect certain cards (i.e. blocks) to be phased out in future? Will expansions continue to be available for purchase in the same system of delivery (i.e. buy the islands)? What kind of burden does this place on new players?

All of these questions, and a handful more, are at the root of LanMarek’s complaint; and, while I think there is some unnecessary rhetoric of doom and gloom shunted into the original comments, the concerns are actually substantial. Many of us who have been around for a long time may not recognize this new challenge for Faeria, but it is part and parcel with questions of deployment, marketing, and development of a CCG in the current market.

For more of my thoughts on this topic, see an earlier article on the Future of Faeria:

Cheers ~Zfox

Abrakam has already announced that the cards will become craftable at some point in the future when the islands are no longer available. so that wont be a problem 3 expansions from now. And of course some cards are going to have to be rotated out of play in the ranked mode, literally every other card game has some form of card rotation from ban lists to date based rotations.

You can still counter those cards btw, sky whale takes 5 damage from punishment and I don’t know why everyone has forgotten about emperors command, but it really screws up those flowers.

You said that it is a big problem to not be able to craft cards (called it a paywall), why is that? If you need a currency to buy cards (gold, memoria, gems) then all the content is behind a soft paywall, you can pay money to get this content faster but that is how CCGs are designed. Memoria (dust) is much harder to get than gold, to get memoria you need gold to begin with so it is irrelevant as a currency. The Islands are more rewarding than chests (for the average player), which means the chests are a bigger paywall than the expansion. Not being able to craft the new cards with memoria is irrelevant when buying the island is the crafting process.

Hearthstone moves card sets in and out of the game, but other games like Duelyst does not do that. Faeria is a much smaller game and it most likely can’t/won’t do that in the next few years (at which point it is much more likely to have to end development than reiterate Hearthstone’s model), Faeria’s development team is much smaller so it’s much harder for them to develop such a thing and redesign / rebalance the game each expansion, Faeria’s infrequent expansions only have 33 cards and the normal card pool is below 350 cards (Hearthstone has 1189 cards and Duelyst has 633 cards) which is nowhere near enough to shift cards in and out of the game, Faeria also lacks a big enough playerbase to have multiple queues for each game mode. At the end of the day, it’s infeasible for Faeria, it might change in the distant future but we’ll have to see then.

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faeria se volvio pay to win, quien diga que no es ciego o estupido. juego faeria desde que tenía un coste de 5 USD en Steam y habia que comprarlo obligatoriamente (al inicio, mucho antes que se vuelva free to play) siempre me pareció un juego increible, que superaba a la competencia por el tablero y por No ser p2w. Bueno actualmente ya solo le queda el tablero… tengo más de 4000 CRISTALES AZULES y me los meto en el culo porque las unicas cartas que necesito se compran con dolares o con meses de jugar fuera del meta tontamente. Y para cuando junte todo ese oro quizas ya sacaron la siguiente expansion y no me sirve, recomiendo buscar nuevo juego.
Arruinaron el juego, decepcion 100%

PD: Porfavor colaboren haciendo mala fama al juego en youtube y redes sociales, es necesario que sus ambiciosos creadores abran los ojos o este juego morira a corto plazo.