Faeria joins the Jingle Jam!

Missed your chance to get the Early Access Bundle?

Want to join the YogsCast in making a contribution to charity?

Contribute $30 or more to get the following, and much more!

  • 20 Battle Chests
  • 10 Pandora Coins
  • Raizeon Avatar
  • Orb of Valor

(Yes, we are aware the image text doesn’t match! That’s how Raizeon rolls.)

Note: Any Steam account that has already purchased and applied a Faeria Early Access Bundle key cannot apply another.

##Donate to charity, play games

You may have seen Turps from Yogscast play Faeria before, and now is your chance to join them in this charity event to not only get some Faeria goodies, but up to $650 total value of awesome stuff.

New games are available every day, and there is a limited availability of these special bundles - so hurry and join soon!

Remember - 100% of the profits from the Yogscast Jingle Jam will support charity.

Happy Holidays!

  • The Faeria Team
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Will i get the collector’s edition if i do own faeria already? It’s quite an important question, cause i wasn’t able to upgrade ito via Steam(it said that i own it already)

As mentioned in the post:

I do Not own the Early access bundle, just a simple Faeria game. Still i wasn’t able to Upgrade it to Early access later when i realised that the game is worth it in steam and im afraid it won’t let me do it again via Jungle Jam code.

In short - common faeria and collector’s edition Faeria are counted in steam as same game, so it didn’t let me to upgrade to collectors edition.

That shouldn’t be the case at all, and yours is the first report I’ve heard of this. Are you sure you’ve never applied an EA bundle to your account before?

If you believe this is the case, email support@abrakam.com with the details of your account and we can look at your account history to see what the issue might be.