Faeria Lore Fan-fiction

Hello guys, today on Discord General channel the lore of Faeria came up as a topic, and I got somewhat inspired so I wrote a chapter of my fan-fiction about the lore. I hope you will enjoy it, if there’s a demand I’m going to continue the stories. I wish you a nice day/night and fun while reading.
P.S.: I’m sorry if there are mistakes, I had time for revise it only once.

The Dream

A blinding flash of blue was all he was looking at. For unknown reasons, he couldn’t turn his head away though. He had to watch through the blue light, into a pond, or more precisely, into a sea, an ocean. But it felt so small. So comforting. He couldn’t do anything else, but stepping into the light, diving into the ocean. Like his mother’s arms, the water embraced him. A direct, yet subtle feeling struck him as he made his first row. He must follow the light. The once radiant blinding light became only a pearl shining through the deepness. Yet he knew, he had to follow its guidance, so he did. Then suddenly he felt he’s not diving anymore. More like flying. He looked down, and saw deserts, tents. Soared above menacing red mountains, endless blue seas and lush green forests. But then, he noticed it was darker and darker. Moment by moment he saw less and less of the world around him, and only a small light remained, which became smaller gradually. And when it almost disappeared, he found himself underwater again, surrounded by aquatic plants. Front of him, a tea jug, and an old Kappa, holding the source of the dying light, a rhombus shaped gem.
„You must follow this, remember. Always remember.” she said pointing at the gem.
With those words, he was sucked out of the water on a spur of a moment, the Kappa, the tea jug, and the gem became distant and the force that sucked him became a force that pulled him downwards. He was falling.
He woke up pouring wet. The warming touch of the light of the Sun welcomed him on that morning. He loved summer in Eidenar. There was knocking on his door, which was followed by his father’s voice:
„Magnus, get up, quickly! The Emperor’s convoy may arrive in just a couple of hours! We need to be ready by then, and you are needed!”
„Right away, father!” answered Magnus. He freshened himself by washing his face. Although the bed’s allurement faded away, he couldn’t forget the dream he saw. He remembered.

The Message

Even though her followers have been dreaming for hours, Ruunin couldn’t sleep tonight. Something felt odd. Like a distant star on the night sky, something was calling her, summoning her. Ruunin couldn’t stay in one place any longer, he started to circle around the huge oak tree in the middle of the clearing. She made three circles when she got her head up. It was that moment, when she smelt the smoke. She raced the wind towards the smell, southwards. By the time she has reached the border of the Sacred Forest she became exhausted, but the sight ahead of Ruunin made her forget the tiredness. The smoke came from the trees, which the huge creature has burned. The creature itself was emitting steam from its unwieldy body. It seemed the creatures body was completely out of metal. It was only then, when Ruunin took notice of the humans keeping their distance from the metal creature, and writing lines onto their parchments. She was furious but afraid at the same time. Furious, because the destruction, the humans and their creature have made, could wake up a greater threat the world has ever seen. And she was afraid of that threat. Ruunin dashed through the trees and stood before the creature. She spoke loudly so that the humans could hear her as well.
„Stop! You cannot continue this destruction. The Sacred Forest must remain untainted! You cannot possibly imagine the-„ she was interrupted by the giant creature’s swing, which was directed towards Ruunin. She could evade the first two blows, but the third was faster and more precise than the other ones. The creature’s cold, metallic arm pierced through Ruunin’s body and impaled her to the ground. With her dying breath, Ruunin felt relentless anger, but not desperation, since death to her is nothing, but a nuisance.

The Wave

It was long ago since a Kappa set foot in the City of Gabria. Let alone a Herald. Ancient Kappas, who became so attuned to the sea that they knew every stream of the two oceans. The Gabrians watched the murmuring Kappa carefully, as he made his way to the Palace of the Thoushand Shells with the help of his wooden staff. Some Gabrian were curious, some cautious, but few knew what a Herald means in the City of Gabria. Those few were afraid.
The shell of the Herald was dark-green with corroded spots all over it. Meaning he was old in Kappa measures too. His grumpy face looked over the people of Gabria while climbing the steps to the palace. Once in seemingly random moments he said a number. An extremely high number.
„Nine hundred forty-one billion four hundred ninety-two million six hundred thirty-eight thousand five hundred twenty-six.” said the Herald as he reached the top of the stairs.
He burst into the Council Room, where he met with the fierce eyes of the Gabrian council members, who at first wanted to know who dares to interrupt their assembly, but then wonderment sat on their faces.
The Kappa started speaking. „I, the Herald of the Waves came bearing alarming news. As my obligation demands, I hereby announce to the Gabrian race, that The First Wave is opening its eyes and soon will be -„ here the Herald stopped for a moment, then quietly started to murmur „Nine hundred forty-one billion four hundred ninety-two million six hundred thirty-eight thousand five hundred thirty” then he continued „- Awakened.”

The War

The kobold was unconscious for a brief moment. When he opened his eyes he saw an ogre swinging his club, heard the clinging of steel and the dull sound of wood around him and warcries from soar throats. Smoke and dust filled the air and for a second he percieved everything slowed down. That’s why he could roll to his right, avoiding the ogre’s heavy club. The kobold reached for his sword and tried to pierce through the ogre’s chest, but he miscalculated the lenght and the point of the blade only scrached the creature’s hard skin.
By the time the ogre realised he’s unhurt, the kobold stood up and was ready to attack again. His sword cut the ogre’s arm, but the swung club was lucky enough to hit him. The kobold snarled in pain, but didn’t lose his balance. The next strike came from above. The sword could counter the crashing force of the club, but was pushed back so hard it cut its owner’s forehead. The kobold, angered by the cut of his own sword, fell into a frenzy. His eyes were burning like fire. Like a blue and a red fire. The fast blade dance the kobold produced was deflected by the ogre’s club at the beginning, but the kobold managed to make deeper and deeper cuts on his foe. This continued until the sword broke and the ogre fell down with at least a dozen bleeding cuts, and an arm less. The ogre inhaled the smoky air faster than a charger as he watched the kobold lifting his sword above his head.
„Wait! What is your name?!” asked the ogre.
The kobold answered while dipping his sword into the ogre’s neck.
„Seifer. You maggot.”

The Journey

„Open your eyes. Smell the air. And most importantly, listen closely. You are chosen. Chosen by forces you will not comprehend. Chosen to be a small piece of the Great Plan. A Plan to preserve this world as it is now. You have to start a journey to the East. You will concieve there, and that child will make all the difference. Your role is fulfilled when the child grows up. But be warned, he will be special, he will be a prodigy. So his fate will demand from him to make the right choices. But first, you need to reach the city of Mirzam, and wait for your child. When he is ready to arrive to this world, make haste for the Temple of Astar. There, they will know what to do next.
Tomorrow sell all your belongings, and do not waste any time.”
Krelinha snapped out of her vision, and knew, her God spoke to her. That was the thing she sought for. A direction. A calling. A journey.


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