Faeria mobile down?

Cant log in after the update.
I can log in steam.

The closed beta for the mobile version is stopped until the actual release.

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Is it only the phone version that is stopped? I’m asking because I currently can’t log in with the Android tablet version (login times out) and I’m wondering whether I should report that as a bug or not.

as far as I know it is only the “mobile” version, so i assume it is just phone. My tablet is not 6.0 so I couldn’t beta test it, so I can’t say for sure. But do make sure you have the latest version, otherwise it won’t log you in.

I’ve had a version mismatch before, but then the client tells you it’s out of date and does not give you a login button. What is happening now looks similar to the server being down, but on the router I can see traffic from the server, so that is not the case either.

I can’t see Faeria in Play market anymore. So access closed for all Android devices…