Faeria on console!

It’s been a long road, but we’re almost there.

Faeria is officially coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One on August 13th.


Will there be cross-play?

Yes. Any platform will be able to play with any other platform.

There will not, however, be “cross-saving.” Accounts will be separate.

What will the price be?


For a limited time (30 days from launch), you’ll also get 5 DLC free, or about a ~$50 value with Premium Edition and all cosmetic DLC.

Will I be able to hold Krog in the palm of my hands?

If you own a Switch, yes. Xbox Ones are kind of heavy.

What about PS4?

Working on it! PS4 is still coming, but will be a little later than these first two consoles. Sorry for the wait!

Special thanks to our friends at Versus Evil for helping make all this possible.

  • Team Abrakam