Faeria on Mobile?

I know this topic was talked about around 2 months ago but I saw no real answer on that thread. Will Faeria ever come to mobile? I read there was a beta back in 2017 that I unfortunately wasn’t able to take part in, but I also read that it was great… so, any updates on that situation?

There has been news one month ago on faeria friday : https://www.faeria.com/news/announcements/221-faeria-friday-forward-to-the-future

Mobile version still exists for like Belgium and Canada (don’t know if there’s a manip to still get your hands on it), but its developpement and updating will cease until the team is big enough and until they find it’s worth the effort. (bigger player base and income would help too I guess).

Given that the priotrity is on the new expansion and on the b2p plan, I would not expect mobile version to be back on Abrakkam’s agenda before january 2019, likely much later.

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I actually got the impression when I read that article the first time that they will be removing the mobile version from the Google play and app stores and that it will no longer be available at a future time. Correct me if I’m wrong. Azreal8990, Currently you can only technically get it in Canada and Belgium, though methods exist for getting it outside of those countries. Use those at your own risk, however.

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Yep this is correct. The mobile version still currently exists as it has all along (only available in Belgium and Canada, with ways you can get it outside those regions) but the support for it is being discontinued and it will be shutting down soon. Assumption will be the next major update to the game won’t be sent out on mobile which would cause the game to not be accessible, then they would shut down the mobile servers afterwards and completely pull it from download sources.

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I thought I had responded earlier, but thank you all for keeping me up to date! I appreciate the hastiness of this community as well as the kindness. Looking forward to when they finally release that mobile version!

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I can “assure” you that as they release any patch for the game, the mobile versions will be unplayable. It’s officially not supported anymore, so no one will ever again update the code for client and server.

Logically as they update the game “economy” old clients won’t be compatible and I bet only the Steam version will release future updates to minimize costs.

Guys, some of you don’t get it because we all love this game, but the game has been shut down as business.
“Luckily” servers are still up (because a lot of players have paid cash already), at least until there will be enough players…