Faeria on the PS4

As the tittle say, on the homepage of Faeria, it does say it will be coming soon to the PS4. But because most games that go on the PS4 you need to start a new account, not sure about CCG’s but other games are like that.

So I was wondering, will there be a “copy account” function where our cards, rank, gold etc… is copied on the PS4?

What do you think when will it be on the consoles (time-wise and not “coming soon”).

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Thanks for interest in Faeria and especially the console version.

We are currently prioritizing the upcoming Faeria’s 1.0 launch (PC/iPad) and remaining mobile devices over console platforms.

Once we have launched those platforms and are confident that we have built the necessary support to make our players happy, we will then reevaluate the viability of launching Faeria on console.

Have fun playing!

Would love for Faeria to still come to PS4. GWENT is doing great on consoles.