Faeria should use this marketing strategy pioneered by World of Warcraft

I have no doubt that all of you have heard of World of Warcraft, and many even played it. The game has been around since 2004 and has had a large number of expansions over the years.

If I ask you “How many expansions does WoW have?” the correct answer is “Always two”. That’s because nearly all the expansions, with the exception of the 2 latest ones, are included in the base game!

The advantage of this approach is that people who are considering buying the game do not get “scared off” by a large number of expansions. And in Faeria’s case, a further plus would be the price of the “Complete Pack” would remain the same as it is now - relatively affordable and competitive compared to other CCGs.

I am almost certain Abrakam are already planning to use this strategy, as Oversky is included in the main game. But I wanted to make the suggestion regardless and see what other community members think.


I agree with you. Old expansions should be merged to the base game as time goes.

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