Faeria Showdown #2

Faeria Showdown #2

The Colossi have crumbled. Dragons have fallen from the sky. Even the mighty Yaks have lost their fuzziness! The titans of Faeria, however, continue on to battle, for nothing other than your amusement. Once again, the very best will duke it out in a best of seven showmatch!

On Friday, April 29th, Abrakam will release the current toplist of god ranked players. Our plan is to invite the two highest ranked players to battle it out against each other. If a player chooses to not participate, we will ask the next player in the list.

Crow and J0k3se will be providing cash prizes for this tournament, with the help of community donations. The prize payout will be as follows:

First prize: $50*
Runner up: $25*

Saturday, April 30th, 2:00pm EST // 8:00pm CEST

A livestream with English commentary will be provided by Crow and J0k3se on http://twitch.tv/Crow_77.


Format: Relentless: Conquest
Number of available decks: 4
Winning conditions: First to 4 wins

Each player must submit four decks at least 4 hours prior to the tournament starting by e-mail to crow.faeria@gmail.com. Any rules concerns or violations will be handled as necessary by Faeria Showdown staff members.

RELENTLESS? Haven’t we seen that before?

So, we heard the community feedback from the last tournament, and by your request, we would like to try out a conquest version of Relentless. A synopsis of the rules for Relentless: Conquest is below, but if you’re familiar with Relentless, it should be no surprise.

In Relentless: Conquest, players will construct several different decks, each with 30 cards as required by the Faeria client. But here’s the catch- there can only be 3 copies of any individual card (or 1 of each legendary card) in any participant’s combined decklists. So that means if a player uses 2 Freedom Fighters in one list, and 1 Freedom Fighter in another, then none of their other decks may have any copy of Freedom Fighter in it!

At the start of the match, each player will select a deck and play a game. But, the winner’s deck is out! Then, each player will pick a deck (the loser may use the same deck, if they wish) and fight all over again. Once a deck is out of the match, it’s out for good, and the first player to win with all four of their decks wins the match!

We hope that this format will encourage creative deckbuilding, and really showcase both the players’ talent and the versatility of the Faeria cardset.

Future Showmatches?
We hope to provide you with as many showmatches as we can, if there is enough community interest. The prize payout, frequency, and format are subject to change for these future tournaments. Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated on any new developments!

Please send any and all feedback to crow.faeria@gmail.com or Crow on the Faeria discord server. Both positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated!

*All prizes are in USD


Hithlum and Cappuccino are the players that will compete in Faeria Showdown #2! HYPE! :slight_smile: HeliosAflame was #2 but he chose to not play and give Cappuccino his spot.