Faeria, The long view

Faeria is a fantastic game that allows you to falcon dive right in, collect cards and strategies right away, battle on, and have a blast doing it. Somewhere along the way you’ll decide if you want to dedicate the time to play the game ambitiously, or if you’re quite happy seeing where the cards you’ve accumulated take you. For those of you who get the feeling early you’d like to reach the top levels of the game, there are a few fundamentals and card accumulation strategies that will serve you well on your quest.

Complete all the solo content to learn the fundamentals and accumulate cards.

The quests and puzzles in the solo content offer an excellent vehicle to wrap your brain around how cards, the board and tactics combine for an overall effect on victory or defeat. Combined with the added bonuses of experience points and completion rewards there is no more efficient way to get a great start to your Faeria experience.

Take a long view of card accumulation

This means accumulate as many cards as possible during the beginning and middle stages of your Faeria gaming. To do that it is advisable not to craft or disenchant common cards. You will accumulate them much more efficiently by simply opening them in booster pack or rewards. This can feel a little less than optimal as you see perfect complements for the cards you already have that don’t appear in your booster packs as often as you’d like. But I’ve learned thru mistakes that simply building on what you have will offer you the widest range of possibilities at an earlier time.

Disenchant the mythic aesthetic if it’s not important to you.

These cards offer you extra crafting points compared to the same non mythic cards for the very same in-game power. If you like the aesthetic and find it adds to the experience, by all means keep them.

Plan your card accumulation.

While you’re playing with what you have, plan the decks you’d like to complete. The end goal is having a complete toolset to go to battle with, so it’s not essential to learn a certain type of deck first. Let the cards come to you thru your purchases, experience points and rewards. Have a defined selection of decks you’d like to complete, be they combat, rush, events, big ole green monsters or whatever your imagination comes up with, and as you accumulate cards complete the decks you are closest to. If you do this primarily by disenchanting excess, mythics and legendary cards that don’t serve a purpose for the foreseeable future, you won’t hamper your progress towards a complete collection.

Join my informal tourney group! (The motivation for this post)

      If you've read this far you're probably as interested as I am in moving up the ladder and competing in tournaments that challenge and grow your tactics and deck building skills.  If your interested, visit my deck builders delight tournament post or friend rpele in-game to join the challenging fun.  All you need is 60 cards and I'll do my best to get you a group of opponents to match your skills and have an alternate to the battle ladder matches to enjoy the game.

May all the draws be with you.