Faeria VS Eternal

Right now I’m caught between two games that both beat the crap out of Hearthstone. I want to focus my time on only one of them, but they’re each missing something.

In Faeria’s case, not being able to react to my opponent’s choices on their turn significantly detracts from the game.

In case you care, the thing you’re mopping the floor with Eternal on is resource management. Your system is genius, and theirs is a tired rehash of Magic’s, with all the frustrations inherent in deck-based resources.

Faeria also has the board which is something I love! :slight_smile:

The fact you can’t react during the opponent turn is not a problem, its a game choice. Its like said “hey, i can’t pause the game in a raid boss of WoW to think with my team about our next move”. In Magic, do you say “■■■■, i can’t create my own land instead of draw at start of my turn”? its just not what the game is.
After, i think u simply have to choose the game where you have the more fun.