FaeriaDeckTracker Looking for Pandora players

I’m working towards implementing Pandora cards into FaeriaDeckTracker (http://faeriadecktracker.com/). However, I don’t have the time to play Pandora and learn all the details about the mode.

If you are an experienced Pandora player and want to help please send me a message here or by email at faeriadecktracker@gmail.com

I will add the names of all those who help in the “About” section of the program.

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Click Pandora on left. I don’t think the treasures have changed for a long time. Is this what you are looking for?

I play pandora often but didn’t read all of the pandora guide.

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Thanks for the link.

I am more curious about the cards that are shuffled into your deck than anything. For example, how many Pandora Shards and “Treasure found” cards are added to the deck? Is it the same every match?

Yeah, same for every game, but I don’t know how many shards are shuffled into the decks at the beginning, the pandora guide on academy actually doesn’t say this.

I think it’s 6 shards into each deck, yes, because both players start with 36 cards in the deck (no treasure until pandora opens)

Then when you draw a total of 5 pandora shards from both decks, pandora is opened, 3 treasures drafted by each player are shuffled into each deck and both players draw a treasure, and a normal card. Whenever someone draws a treasure, the opponent draws a treasure too, and both always get an extra card draw after.

You draft 1 treasure after every 10 cards during drafting, so you end up with 30 normal cards +3 treasures, per deck.

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Thanks a lot, one last thing, I assume you can draft more than 3 copies of a card in a Pandora deck. Is that correct?

Also, is xploring the name you’d like me to include in the app?

Thanks again.

Yes, it’s possible to have more than 3 copies in a draft, and also multiples of a legendary.


Oh it was nothing, don’t put in my name, I like to stay low profile. :slight_smile: In addition to what Bob said, you can’t draft the same treasure twice, there’s no other limitation on treasures. And 1 colour, randomly selected, is banned for every draft. So you can’t draft 3 wishes, only tri-colour decks at maximum.

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Thanks a lot for the help. You’ve saved me quite a bit of time. I really appreciate it and I won’t include your name in the app.

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