Faeria's popularity

Hello everyone,

I’ve just learned about Faeria through recruit a friend and have played about 30 minutes worth and watched some of the limited streams available. I’m an experienced hearthstone player currently taking a break from the staleness that has infected HS.

I’m wondering why the game is not a lot more popular yet! It seems interesting with new mechanics and strategic depths (though perhaps difficult for a viewer to understand immediately?). Are there any red flags I haven’t discovered yet? Small card pool? Limited deck options? RNG? Boring/Grindy ranked play? Not F2P accessible? No marketing?

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There’s a smallish card pool, but still a much more diverse field of decks than HS, which makes Ranked mode pretty interesting and it’s also faster to rank up than in HS, thanks to daily bonus stars, higher league opponent bonus stars and win streaks all the way to God rank.

It’s super easy to earn enough of a collection to play competitively, I got God rank as a F2P player in my first month trying for it, which was probably my 2nd full month of play.

As for marketing, I think a few popular HS streamers have played it and it’s had a Humble Bundle, so you’d think there would be more awareness. I don’t get it either. I guess being an original IP instead of riding on the success of a game like WoW (which in turn rode on the success of WC3) is always going to be a harder road.

I think has been getting more popular. The Faeria subreddit has grown by over 1000 people since the games release. In February the peak player count was 382, in the last 30 days the peak player count was 3,638 so the game has grown pretty much by 10 fold. I think the game is rising quickly. The only thing Abrakam needs to do is to be quick about addressing issues in the game or peoples frustration. This is a critical time period for them before the game becomes more established.

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As a counter point, King of the Kill is a hugely popular game that has serious unaddressed issues and a competitor is about to launch that is receiving 4-5x the views as KOTK (which already peaks at 2nd or 3rd most watched game on twitch). So in that case, a new IP looks to be very successful as people are frustrated with the blockbuster title. I feel like a parallel might have been possible between HS and other card games.

Oh well. I’ll play it a bit more myself and see if I like it. I hope you’re right about deck diversity!

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