Faeries and how to build around

Hi there,

Well. I looted a lot of faeries, especially the Yellow ones. As I really like the art of these cards, I wanted to try to build around them; and I’m not a deckbuilding greatmaster, so I’ll be glad to hear your comments.

I wanted to take profit of the charge capacity gained if you draw an envent. So I decided to use the following list, based on green buffs to reinforce the flying / charging faerie - or drake if not drawn. I will probably switch the green elementals for yellow ones as I’m most of the time playing green lands to summon supports, but I will losing some taunt capacity by doing so.

I just wonder if it is useable. I already started to reflect on green/red and green/blue versions, and maybe a yellow/blue. For now, here’s the list (I made a bit of filling, waiting for some crafts / cards)

Click the list

Thanks in advance for your answers :slight_smile:

Hi ! This is my opinion. Might be right, might be wrong, you’re the judge :wink:

First of all, I notice you don’t have green faeries, and your attackers are mainly yellow, so it’s pretty weird that you have more than half in green, which is your support color. Second, you have no harvesters in yellow except for faeries, and your harvesters in green would be either the elemental or the oakling (or your buffs that wouldn’t be able to buff faeries, then). So if you don’t have your yellow faeries to harvest, then you’ll have a weird green start, followed by your faeries or drakes if things go well (but given your list, you’re mostly midrange, so you want to establish control of the board as soon as possible). Then, I’m not a big faeries player, but you seem pretty short on events and draw (12 events, 1 draw effect). Finally, you lack wincondition if your opponent can deal with your faeries and drake.

TL;DR : No green faeries, weird that your deck is more than half green. You lack harvesters overall, or use your tikis as such, dropping their buffs on themselves, which will delay your yellow play as well. Not many events to proc faeries, not much draw to get them. No solid wincondition.

Now what I would do : I don’t know which cards you have, so I’ll assume (wrongly) that you have Full Collection.

  • Add Green Faeries to enable a good Green start, or add some yellow starters, like Winstorm Charger (good synergy with events as well)
  • Add more Earthcrafts, Feed the Forest (events that enable some drawing, not as much as blue, but that’s not blue). Might be good adding one or two Khalim’s Prayers as well if you find your way to the orb easily (need to test it to know)
  • Remove Gaea’s Grace (that card is pretty bad), maybe add Wisdom instead if you have some place for it (neutral, draw 2 cards for 3. Not a good card, but that’s an event, and drawing)
  • Add Soul Eaters (the bicolor Green/Yellow creature), or some other wincondition (Winstorm Champions, Verduran Forces or other big threats)

About changing Wood Elementals to Wind Elementals : in your current deck, that’s a bad idea, 1/1 Tikis and Faeries are both already pretty vulnerable to Red AoE. Unless you want an autoloss to this color (maybe because you never face it), you should keep the green. If you take some of the changes I proposed, then it could go better.

That’s it for me. Have fun playing your deck :smiley: ! (that’s the most important after all)

Thanks a lot for your very interesting answer. I red it carefully.

Well, I fully get your point - or I think I have ! Just after posting my deck, I’ve done few tests with three Fortune hunters as neutral harvesters + buff. Still, your analysis is relevant, because :
• I lacked some threats as you wrote
• It was hard for me to proc the boosts on faeries.

For now on, I face a card problem, as I have a correct pool of cards but am missing a lot of epic ones (no Soul Eaters, only one Earthcraft, but have a Tethra opened recently). However, I will work on crafting.

So for now, I will try several versions following your concerns. I’m still short in events (14), but I think that harvesters are more present now. By crafting an Earthcraft and a green faerie, things will be easier.

Thanks again for your help :wink: I will soon post an edited version of the decklist, after some crafts and tests.

(and there’s a kind of French Connexion behind this help, je crois bien).

Nice deck! I will try it myself, If you need help testing it against Tier1 Deck, I got the full collection and im not that bad of a player also. (Il y a beacoup d’aide francophone par ici)

Thanks a lot for the proposal, why not ! I’m a great beginner to what concerns online deckbuilding games but I would be happy to play against better players, that’s always a good experience.

Well, the firsts tests are not very convincing. However, here’s two modified lists I tried. The first one benefits from the green dragon as a potential threat but is too green-balanced, the second one reaches a more stable equilibrium - still lacks from efficient threats. It’s kind of an Uroboros, a constant Work In Progress :smiley:

First List

Second One

Of course, it will probably evolve rapidly. Anyway, that’s a first path to follow.

(En effet, c’est agréable, merci ! Bien que j’aie besoin d’entraîner mon anglais.)

Nice deck, I’m gonna try it out ASAP.

One little question, have you tried running Windstorm Arher? Is it slowing this down, or feels out of place? Just being curious.

I will post any improvements I notice when I get the chance to try this deck out.

Well turns out I could craft the missing cards to get going with the deck, but out of 6 games I could only win 1. The deck is too slow in its current state, and as it has been said before, there’s no real threat in it. I put some Windstorm Archers into the deck, but the enemy has easily rushed me down. When I tried to rush with Drakes and Sunsilk Faerie, it was just too slow, and the opponent could counter it. It’s a really fun and challenging deck to play, but I didn’t feel that I have the upper hand in the games. But against all odds, I’m gonna keep trying with this deck, maybe on a sacrifice combo way, or a tanky green support way.

Well, to be fully honest, I’m not sure that, in its current state, this deck may achieve something. I have more or less the same winrate as you with it, and every win is quite hard to earn.

It lacks a lot of threats and also land building accelerators to really works : seems to me that it’s planned to be a kind of midrange deck, but without a lot of removals or land accelerator. That’s a kind of problem.

Still, I also like to play this deck as it is really fun to work with.

I worked on a blue/yellow version, which is more effective (especially by focusing on event effects on jump creatures), yet less focused on faeries.

The problem is always the same : with a good starting hand (hard to get), you can lead a nice and fun game and win it. But it’s often easy to counter for now. I’m still struggling with it.

Maybe that including red faeries could help (with a more threatening ranged, enabling you to stay on your beginning positions to protect your orb and ranged faerie while boosting it and attacking).

Anyway, still a long WIP :smiley:

EDIT : made some tries with the blue / yellow version. Not that bad in unranked games. But in ranked ones … Just played 6 games (5 against exactly the same guy, we really need a greatest pool of players otherwise this will just not be possible), again Red rush each time, that’s, well … Far too slow, even with elementals, to fight against. Still the good old problem of balance between removal, land acceleration and threats.

I’ll have to work on that.