Fairly new to the game and i feel like Pandora just ranked me too high after just a couble of runs

So i started to play fearia 3 days ago and tried to do Pandora because i feel like i dont have enough cards to play ranked. The Problem is i got some good decks in a row and now i go barely above 2 wins because the opponents are way more skillfull than me. i even played vs someone with #23 infront of his name.
So my pandora runs feel way less rewarding.
I cant even derank because when i win i get usually 2 stars and when i lose i just lose 1 so i have to stay here forever.
Knowing i cant realy win it feels kinda lame to buy Pandora tickets now.

Suggestion would be to not give extra stars for winstreaks. Otherwise good decks/runs just place you way too high too fast.

I feel like this could just be the small community.

Even if it is just 1 out of 100 that has the same Problem it still sucks for him.
I just went 0/3 and feel like its hard vs those rank 3 and higher guys. I dont even know all the cards they can play or what i should play and they just destory me everytime without a chance. :sweat:

Thanks for the feedback. Pandora’s current ranking system is just a temporary one till we implement the new system. We’re looking to increase both the number of people playing, and the ranking mechanics, very soon.