Fall of everlife

Just a question.
I dont understand the new expasion.
If i buy fall of everlife i get the new cards all at the same time? Or i have a chance to open at normal battle chest?

When you purchase Fall of Everlife, you will not get all the new cards right away. You will however be able to get chests that contain the new cards. It only took me a week to get all the new cards!

  • You will never get duplicates anymore in chests
  • You can craft a card every 12 hours
  • Chests are earned more frequently

These are some of the things that make collecting the new cards a fast and easy progress, which is fun and doesn’t feel like a grind.

In my opinion, if you like Faeria, you should buy the expansion! :smiley:

Thanks a lot.
I Will buy the expasion after complete the classic.
Next week :slight_smile: