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#####Farewell from Zaldinfox

It is with mixed feelings that I announce my decision to leave Faeria permanently. My reasons are entirely personal (related to a couple of very recent and exciting projects that will demand my time for the next number of years). It has been a blast, and I am honoured to have participated in some of the earliest iterations of this game. Obviously everyone is entitled to take up or put down their hobbies, so it may sound a little odd to make a public statement about such things. The reason for the announcement is twofold:

First, it offers me an opportunity to formally acknowledge the many positive contributions made by the host of people within the community, but especially those who were a part of the Turn4 discord. The many conversations, debates, and discussions were fulfilling because of the commitment to gracious reasoning. I would love to have continued with the long-term goals I had envisioned for the Discord, and perhaps even the brand if Faeria grew large enough, but this is a good time to bid farewell. Special shout out to Pseudo for all of his daily investment in Turn4.

I also wished to make this a more formal announcement to reiterate to the larger community – from the perspective of someone who has been here since 2013 – that Faeria remains a premier game. My decision to make a clean break is in part due to the addictive nature of games like Faeria; to return to a state of lurking in chat/streams, dropping in twice a month, or dabbling here or there is simply not possible. The game draws you in with its art, mechanics and community. And that is a very cool thing!

I have invested more time in the peripherals of this game (thinking, writing, discussing, analyzing Faeria) than in any other hobby to date. No other game has inspired me to be invested in all the layers quite like Faeria. In addition, I have had the chance to speak directly and cogently with Faeria developers, streamers, competitors, and organizers of all sorts, and so have many of you. That is part of what makes the unique sense of community so strong (and addictive!).

I am confident Abrakam will deliver great gameplay going forward, and I wanted to leave on a strong note of thanks for all the hours of fun. I am at close to 3500 hours of time playing, streaming, discussing, watching, or analyzing Faeria. That is astounding – nearly 150 days – yet it feels like it was no time at all! Thanks for the hilarious memories of Flying Bombslingers, Egg of Wonders Dream decks, Shedim Pest Land Hate, the Golden Age of Azarai and Collosi, and even good old Trow Miner.

Over the next couple of days I will be sorting out the fate of the Turn4 discord; please swing by if you wish to get a hold of me before I pack it in.

Cheers ~Zfox

Zaldinfox, it is the most successful people on earth who delve into projects so tremendous they don’t leave time for distractions :thumbsup:

Best of luck on your journey to come. I am certain you will once again master what you are going for.

Wow I didn’t expect emojis to work here. Or to be so large lol. YOUR SUCCESS = SIZE OF THIS EMOJI

Your the best! <3 Good luck!

I didn’t get to know you well or like at all but you seem for passionate for this game and I respect that good luck on your journey -BoBBiN

hey, just wanted to say hi

Take Crystal Flower with you please.