Feature Request - Rearrange Decks

I have around 10 or so decks, so far. They are in a fixed order, which is the order in which they were created. This has resulted in the decks not having the groupings that I would to rearrange them into.

Feature Request - Enable the player to drag/drop decks in the deck sidebar, in order to change their order in the deck listing.

Instead of the following decks: Red, Blue, Quests Deck, Green, CoOp Deck, Yellow, Red Green Deck, Boss Mode, Blue Yellow Deck, One off deck, CoOp Deck 2, CoOp 1 1 Deck, All Colour Deck

I could rearrange them to: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red Green Deck, Blue Yellow Deck, All Colour Deck, Quests Deck, Boss Mode, CoOp Deck, CoOp Deck 2, CoOp 1 1 Deck, One off deck


That’s exactly what I want in Faeria UI.

Indeed, this feature would be very practical

Yes I was thinking something similar. We need some cleanup for the deck clutter.