Feature suggestion: Choose your own deck icon

One thing that bugs me a little about decks is that they seem to choose their icon automatically. I believe they use the card of the highest rarity as their icon.

The problem with this is if I have 3 decks with Garudan in them, all 3 decks will use Garudan as their icon, even if the decks are completely different.

I want to be able to pick my own deck icons, setting them to the card I feel best represents the deck.


Completly agree… but while this isn’t possible i’m renaming the deck to differ them :v

I totally agree with you @Foobly

For your info, I suggested plenty of improvements ideas in a previous post, including this one

Feel free to have a look

Necroing this thread for personal gain.

I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been implemented yet, it’s a helpful cosmetic feature which doesn’t sound too difficult to implement. With a 20-character-limit for the deck name and Garudan on every thumbnail, it’s somewhat annoying to find out what the deck was about, especially if you haven’t played for a while. As much as I like dragons, I’d rather have the key card in my deck as its poster child.

Yeah, I wondered the same last week.

+1 to this proposal; kind of messy if not