Feed the Forest draw order

TIL that if you feed an oakling and draw a creature, that creature can receive the buff from the oakling’s last words. Maybe it’s just me, but i dont find that intuitive (and it can be pretty anoying when you only have one creature in hand, thinking that you can finally have some control over the random buffs… but no. joke’s on you!). On first glance, it would seem that when you feed the oakling, it dies (and thus, buffs) and then you draw, not both “at the same time”.
I get that the card doesn’t explicitly say that you draw “after”, but the wording definitely doesn’t give the impression that you draw first
Whatever the case (either you drawing first and the destoying the creature or both happening at the same time and the last words after that, by some weird action queue interaction), maybe something should be changed (the wording or the order) to make it more intuitive.

i.e.: imagine you have 9 cards in hand, one of them being Feed the forest, and a baron thulgar on board. You feed the baron (and your hand goes down to 8). You should draw 2 cards, one from the baron (w/ 0 cost) and one from FtF, but with 8 cards in hand, you only get one and the other burns. Which one do you get? the discounted one or the regular one? and, judging by the wording of FtF, which one should you actually get?
havent tried it myself, but yesterday i would have said that you get the discounted one. today, i may be a little less optimistic

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Hi :slight_smile:

You are not the first to be confused by this! I will try to help you understand it.

Lets make a comparison. Lets pretend we play “Firestorm” (Deal 3 damage to all enemy creatures.) instead of Feed the Forest. If you play Firestorm, the card will resolve (all damage will be dealt) before any last words trigger from enemy creatures. Imagine if it dealt 3 damage to the first creature, check for triggers, then move to the next, check for triggers. Things would get very crazy and confusing. Imagine cards like Elderwood Hermit or Annoying Gnat.

Now lets look at Feed the forest again. It says “Destroy a friendly creature to gain faeria equal to its Life and draw a card.”. Everything on the card will resolve before the game starts looking for triggers on the board (last word effects or things like Blood Singer for example). So what happens is, you target a creature, gain faeria equal to its life and draw a card - then the creature dies.

So in your example with Baron, you would first draw a card with FtF before the last words of Baron triggers, so you lose the 0F card Baron would have given you.

I hope this clear things up :slight_smile: Dont hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.