Feedback from CheehC :)

I am really enjoying this game. Love the strategy and mix between board and card game.

Below is some feedback and suggestions:

  1. The campaigns were all too easy (never lost). I understand they are almost like a tutorial but hopefully future campaigns have a higher difficulty.

  2. Having to wait to play ‘ranked’ until level 8 is an unneeded exp wall that almost made we want to stop playing the game. Please reduce/remove this as it will drive new players away. Open ranked once all campaigns are complete?

  3. The ending of a game needs to have a climax. In hearthstone the characters head explodes…its satisfying destroying you opponent. In faeria it is not climatic at all, especially when someone just surrenders (most games). The exp bar just comes on screen. I want to FEEL THE WIN . A game of faeria can take me 20mins+ sometimes and I want to be better rewarded emotionally for my victory :slight_smile:

  4. Turns and games need to be shorter. The game is currently too long and players have ample time to make the ‘right’ play. Reducing the length of a turn means more misplays, more skill and faster games.

I plan to add more feedback here as I continue to play.
I will avoid ‘card balance’ feedback though as I am sure your data from games played is a better source.

Love the game though :slight_smile:


  1. The campaign is designed as a tutorial, so it needs to be easy. That said, I do think future single-player challenge content would be nice. Duelyst does a really good job of this with its puzzles, and I think that is something Faeria could copy.

  2. GIven that there is a full collection option, this is viewed as a necessity to prevent people who buy full collection from roflstomping over F2P folks who don’t have anything but commons yet. If you buy full collection, that wall is removed.

  3. That’s not a bad idea.

  4. This is supposed to be a slower game than some other card games, and I think this is part of the appeal. Sometimes you need those turn times. People have opinions all over the place when it comes to pacing, ultimately this is something that the devs need to listen to feedback across the board (such as yours) and decide what is best. There is no right answer to this.


I think at the moment the orb explodes as you win, but I agree, something fancy like other games have would be cool :slight_smile:

We’ll have to see, I’m sure the devs already have ideas and will include them, but it’s hard to say when, don’t expect it to be here fast since there is always so much to be done! :smiley:

I hope the pace stays like this. I like to have enough time to make up a strategy. I think that it makes it more strategic because you wont just chose “the logic” option for this turn, but you will have time to think some turns ahead. I think that having enough time is also necessary in a game like this since there are alot of actions to choose from such as drawing a card/get faeria/create lands/ using cards/attack. In other games like hearthstone its usually just using cards and attack. Also you haven’t just got like a defense zone and an attack zone (or even just one creature zone) - you’ve got several zones, so you also have to be careful about your positioning .