Feedback: Great single player content introduced in a very bad way. :/

So, after I finished the single player content after playing 2 days almost non-stop, I wanted to share my thoughts about it:

First of all, I really enjoyed almost every second of the new missions and especially the puzzles. The faeria team did a great job on the actual content, especially considering that the goal was to teach new players some of the key game mechanics.

On the other hand, this update is a good example, of how to introduce some very good content in a terrible way. :confused: (See critics below, especially “6.”)

1. The normal missions
Normal missions were pretty much what we had already before the update and little bit more. I think they’re a great way for new players to get into the game. For a bit more experienced players like myself (though not “pro” by any means) they seemed rather easy, but then again, it’s meant for new players.

2. The epic missions
Those were pretty much what I had in mind, when I suggested “Scrolls like challenges”: Sometimes you were confronted with a alternative board or a preset board situation you had to deal with. Some of them were rather challenging and I even had to create a specific deck for the mission two or three times. I really liked Magda, Krog and Hoaka.

However, some expectations weren’t met (yet; maybe in the future? please?):

  • Challenges that confront you with a half way into a game situation you had to solve, both with a self created deck (maybe from a selected list of cards) or a preset deck (but other than the “win this turn” puzzles!)
  • Missions that are really, I mean really hard to solve even for experienced players. Like 20+ times with multiple deck configurations.

3. The Puzzles
Well done. I really love those “spot lethal” moments in Faeria and I wish there’ll be more in the future. The first 60-70% I solved after like 5 seconds, but then again, they were meant to teach new players some basic game mechanics. The top 30% were well done; some pretty tough nuts. I just wished there were some more. :slight_smile:


  • The first 60-70% were meant to teach basic game mechanics, which was a really good idea. However, I think, by finishing them as quickly as most of them were, even new players may forget about those taught mechanics like 10 minutes after the next puzzles. Some explanation window after some of those mechanics might’ve worked to let that information “sink in”. Or make the puzzles (and everything else; see below) repeatable!

4. Fugoro
I’m a bit torn between liking and hating the aspect that you can’t really repeat the mission. On the one hand, it tells the player to take this one very very serious, as you get a pack + 40 gold + 100-200 exp for him (which is by far the best reward the solo content has to offer, besides Rapala’s pandora coin), but you only get one chance to be successful. On the other hand, this mechanic is rather punishing for new players, as they are way more likely to lose against Fugoro; some might even lose to him every single time. And new players are exactly the players, who need those additional packs the most.
To me, it wasn’t much of a problem as I lost to Fugoro only 3 times. But everytime felt like a punch in the face. :confused:
Sure, the game told me before that I’d only have one chance to beat him, but that didn’t prepare me at all about the “unfair” stuff that he’s going rip my guts out with.

On the other hand the deck presented a formidable challenge, which I really appreciate. Plus it also taught you about some of the treasure cards you’re gonna face in Pandora).

So here’s my plea about that one: Keep the “only one chance to claim the reward” stuff (to keep things serious), but

  • give as an option to practise against Fugoro as much as we want to (without getting the reward and counting a win as “beating him” of course.

5. Rapala
More of those, please. I loved them! :heart_eyes:

6. Critics on the single player content in general:
As I said above, the content itself was very well done, but it is presented in a potential disastrous way:

  • First of all, the content needs to be repeatable!
    Why on earth do you give us such a fun content, but then make it a single time experience?
    Especially the epic quests (and Rapala and Fugoro as well) are such a great experience, that I would love to play again (even without the reward) with another deck.

  • Second, replace this “seperate lane” display with a full list of all missions/puzzles.
    Seriously, how to make the unrepeatability even worse? Let’s hide both, what’s to come (which kills a lot of the anticipation) and what you already accomplished (so you’re more likely to forget about it).
    Why not a list with every single mission on it, so you can look back at your success and also see what’s more to come? You could also censor what is to come (call it “???” until you unlock it) to raise the anticipation. (Take Scrolls’ list of challenges as an example)

  • Another problem of the lane display is that you have to beat a specific quest/puzzle to unlock the next one. (Right lane was mostly puzzles; left one mostly the codices we had in a nice seperate list even before the rework! Seriously!) Why not give us the next 2 or 3 puzzles, so you can (temporarily) skip one you can’t solve for hours? This way you wouldn’t feel as tempted to “cheat” a puzzle by looking up its solution, just to access the next one.

  • Seperate the Fugoro (and Rapala) Challenges from the rest of the lanes.
    Why would you make Fugoro block your next mission in the first place?
    You made this content for primarily for new players, right? Then please, don’t force the new players to do (and probably fail) their biggest reward challenges (Fugoro) in order to access the next mission to learn from.
    What’s even worse, if a new player lost his first (few) Fugoros, he’ll be inclined to keep away from any further Fugoro challenges until he feels ready to beat them. Then he’ll choose to continue with the other 2 lanes, until he pretty quickly runs into Fugoro on each lane.

  • Fugoro felt like ~80% of the rewards total. In the worst case, if I’d lost (almost) all of them, I’d feel cheated and inclined to delete my account and either create a new one or stop playing Faeria completely for such a frustrating experience.
    Sure, this seems like extreme behaviour on first sight. But, seriously, the last thing you want is to confront new players with frustrating experience!
    And let’s face it, a new player is very very likely to lose most of his Fugoros, if he doesn’t stop after his first, second or third Fugoro and ask an experienced player how to build a deck or even play against him. Or if he doesn’t stop and gather some experience in some pvp battles/pandora. Or both. In any case, he’ll be inclined to stop the single player content (that is meant to teach him in the first place!) until he has enough experience to beat most Fugoros.

  • On another note: I’m not sure on this point, but do you face your first Fugoros on the left lane before you get access to all codices? Because, this would make it even worse, because it forces a new player into Fugoro matches before he gets access to the basic cards!

So, in conclusion: Very nice content, but a rather bad way to introduce it ingame, especially for new players, primary because of what I’d call the “Fugoro punishment”.


Clarification Edit:
What I would change regarding the display of the new content:

  • Make a list of every missions, split into the three cathegories (mission/epic mission/puzzle)
  • Give access to the next three of each mission/epic mission/puzzle
  • Rapala would be part of the epic missions.
  • Fugoro:
  • When Fugoro shows up, make him block one of your next three spots on the specific cathegory, so you can continue without challenging him, but with less options.
  • As soon as Fugoro shows up, give us an additional option, to practise against him. (Beating him this way wouldn’t give you rewards or unlock the next mission/puzzle)
  • Make every (epic) mission and puzzle repeatable, so you can enjoy the content again later on, if you wish to do so.
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Personally I enjoyed the puzzles and epic quests the most, the mystic quests did feel like another bunch of standard quests and not mystic at all. I agree that Fugoro might prove a bit punishing for newer players. Maybe move some reward (e.g. the 40 gold part, a whole pack si still quite rewarding for beating Fugoro) to the end of the three lanes. This way you would have a nice reward for completion that all players could earn.

Agree with everything said here! The challenges are amazing fun. For me with the full collection the foguro challenges were not too bad, but if I didn’t have the full collection I can definitely imagine getting very upset.
I especially love the idea of super difficult quests. Maybe if they were put at the end of the lanes with disclaimers like “this is an extremely difficult challenge, designed for experienced players” so that beginners don’t feel like they are bad.
Maybe we could have a challenge where the opponent has all 4 wells on his side, readily accessible.

nice feedback !

just some quick notes :
puzzles : i would add some more difficulties in the middle, like adding 1 or 2 extra cards in the hand or 1 or 2 creatures on the board. currently all creatures and cards have a direct impact on how to solve the puzzle which make it easy to find the solution.

+1 for the quests replay! as an idea, i would see the lanes replaced by a sort of hexboard, 3 hex large, that would unlock more hex but still allow to replay.


As a non-new player, I was pretty frustrated by having to do normal quests (and especially Fuguro again and again) to unlock the interesting stuff (namely Epic quests and puzzles). Solo content is a good idea to help new players, but even for them, it’s pretty bad, considering that they’ll have to face Fuguro many times, and I don’t think he’s consistently beatable by new players. Add to this that once he’s beaten you, you can’t gain back the reward, and that he’s going to beat you again and again most likely. If it was me, I’d probably be so frustrated that I would stop doing Solo, or even stop the game at this point.

So in the end, the solo content is not tuned for new players, and not tuned for non-new players as well, it’s a disappointment.

As a side note, please don’t name the first “puzzles” puzzles, they’re tutorial stuff. One single possible move each time, that’s not a puzzle (like a two-piece jigsaw puzzle …), please, name it properly tutorial, and separate from puzzles, or give players some dummy options that will make people think (a bit) more. If you want puzzles instead of tutorial, that is.

Apart from that, I’d also really like to be able to replay Epics and puzzles (for free of course, not asking rewards multiple times), and it was a pretty big disappointment that we couldn’t do it.

Finally, a positive note : Epic missions and later puzzles were both very enjoyable, good job for that :smiley:


I don’t really see the repetition of the normal quests as a problem, as it concerns only us “older” players, who knew the old codex “quests” (which were the very same as the normal quests right?). For new players, the quests will be new, so at least this problem solves itself. :slight_smile:
However, what I don’t like about the normal quests that give you the codices, is that you can not choose anymore, which one you want to beat first. In this regard, the old way of achieving the codices was much better. Then again, this is another problem of the lane display, as all the codex quests are on the left lane, if I remember correctly. And it could be avoided by changing it to an “all quests list”.

I agree, though, that the first puzzles should have some dummy optins that make (at least new) players think a bit more. Sure, they are tutorials, which isn’t a bad thing. But they’re also meant to be puzzles - but my impression of the first 50% was, that I almost couldn’t have failed them, even if I wanted to, because I had no other options then to make the correct choices. Plus, if you add dummy options and new players have to think (even a little) about it, I believe you’d also achieve a better learning effect. :wink: