Feedback Oversky/Coop

Hello World,

here is some feedback regarding the Oversky/Coop mode of Faeria after playing through all the missions. The order of the topics is random, the numbers are there so it’s easier to respond to single points instead of all of them at once.

1.) Coop is a great way to get new players interested into the game as in: “I got this new game let’s play together!” rather than: “I got this new game, am Level 150 and I want to dominate a noob like you” :wink:

2.) It encourages communication, for example:

  • “Do you have room in your hand if I play Storyteller/Goki?”
  • “Should I handle that enemy or will you deal with it?”
  • “WTF? Two 10/10? THAT BASTARD!”
  • “This boss has some weird abilities, how should we change our decks to deal with him?”

3.) We agreed that the story in the coop missions is really weak. It makes more sense if the bosses “brag” with their special abilities (giving the players some idea in what way the boss twists the game’s rules) rather than just taunting the player and getting responses like “we’ll be honored to smash your face in”. (That’s just generic and meaningless)

4.a) It may make sense to add a coop-specific daily quest, for example:

  • Defeat 3 unique Oversky bosses. Rewards 1 Chest.
  • WANTED: The Emperor has put a bounty on “Elder Fluffie”. He has last been seen in the Oversky. Rewards 1 Chest.

4.b) Taking this one step further, there could be a matchmaking queue for defeating a certain boss, because everyone gets the same daily quest to defeat “Elder Fluffie” (for example). This may cause some grief though if it’s unclear what special abilities the boss has and if people use random decks. (probably won’t work, just saying because it seems like a possible option)

5.) The phrasing what the cards affect is often confusing for Coop play. For example the Steam Forge’s and Elderwood Hermit’s ability will work on both teammates. The Demon Wrangler’s, Bloodstone Sprite’s or Fortune Hunter’s abilities only seem to work on your own creatures. However all cards use the phrasing “a friendly creature” would be the target.
A better Solution would be to be more explicit, for example:

  • “any creature” works on your own, allied or enemy Units.
  • “enemy creature” works on enemy Units exclusively.
  • “friendly creature” works on your own and allied Units.
  • “allied creature” works on allies Units exclusively.
  • “your creature” works on your own Units exclusively.

This may be nitpicking, but it’s not clear atm. Another solution could be if you hover over the card you get the information on which targets the card may be applied (at the same spot where abilities like taunt, sprint, etc. are explained)

I’m aware that Faeria is designed to be a PvP game, this post is not meant to change that. But the Oversky/Coop mode is (to the best of my knowledge) unique in the genre you are competing in and you should probably use that to your advantage rather than treating it like a gimmick.

my 2c,

P.S: After all this constructive criticism, I have some complaint to add aswell: The experience gained per completed mission has gotten really low, it does not feel like I’m making progress at all. I’d rather see the experience rate go back to pre-2.0 and have the shards per chest lowered than fewer chests and more shards. (I’m level 150+ and have the Premium DLC in case that matters).
Maybe this could be improved by calculating experience earned by the length of the match, so fighting 25 turns would yield more xp than defeating an opponent after 5 turns?

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Thanks for the patch last Wednesday! Looks like you actually read this and cared :faeriaheart:

One Question though: why is only 1 of the Dragon’s lair available in coop, not all 3? (balancing?) It’s a bit weird to disband after beating the coop Mission to play alone, rather than fighting the other Dragons together aswell?


I would love to see Dragon’s Lair completely in co-op as well. Making it more “raiding”. And if you are going down that route maybe making it more distinct from Oversky as I have posted earlier. Abilities or really board inflicting boss events. Maybe boss objects on the board. Whatever you guys think is good.

Missions could be made more distinct as well making a mission really an objective.

Good work and seeing forward to the expansion.