Feedback: What do you think of the new Pandora?

I am curious about your first impressions of the new Pandora! How do you like it and how much of it have you played? When I read about the changes I thought they sounded awesome! I was a bit worried about the Treasures being too strong, but so far I am having fun with it!

Without having played any Pandora game yet (just watched your video about it a few hours ago :wink: ), I think it’s way better than before, but I still think many people would like a vanilla Draft mode without any added stuff.

I would let the players decide and offer both. If both are played, good. If one doesn’t, well, cut it.

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I would also enjoy that a lot! But the devs are worried that the games will be far too long that way (they tried it internally).

I dont mind long games, but they think most players would :slight_smile:

Strange thoughts from them… again, let the players decide. If they think it’s too long, they won’t play it. No harm done.