Filters in deckbuilder

I am a new Polish player and i start stream Faeria.
I think that should appear filters in deckbuilder e.g. taunt, combo or mana cost.
This really helps the players.


Hi Garod!
We totally agree with you and this is of course on our to-do list :slight_smile: Don’t worry, we are aware that the deck building experience is not complete yet and we are working hard to deliver a better overall experience to all of you! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick reply . :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Hi guys !

I realized it especially as i tried to create a highlander deck yesterday evening.
It would be enjoyable for the release version if there might be a search engine included with the possibility to explore for:

  • card texts (e.g. “draw”, “faeria”, “+1/+1”, “event”)
  • Abilities (e.g. “flying”, “deathtouch”, “taunt”) … as mentioned above
  • Power/Toughness
  • Faeriacost filter <, <=, =, >, >=
  • card types
  • Filter function for the availability of cards in my collections

This “Database” doesn’t have to be included in the deckbuilder necessarily, but an ingame version for a deckbuilder instead of an browser-based one might be interesting for players. Espacially those browser-based deckbuilders doesn’t have an overview of … which cards are in my collection.

Would make life much easier to get an overview if a deckidea or combopieces is possible or simply unrealistic.
And for me personally more relevant one might get a better idea about feasible color combinations.

Best wishes