Find the OTK Lethal my dears!

Find the lethal of this so funny deck guys.

The next draw is a Khalim follower.


+1 faeria
path to paradise create desert on prairie
oradrim monk attack orb(4 damage)
crystal flower on monk
flash salmon move from desert to rigth spot near the orb
khalim follower move from desert to left spot near the orb
rakoan chieftain dash to spot in front the orb
attack orb (6 + 5 damage)
crystal flower follower
next follower attack orb (6 damage)

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I roped. XD No way I could find lethal in 60/90 seconds.

Good puzzle. :+1:

This deck seems really strong still. I thought it would become less viable as more players know about it but it hasn’t happened yet…

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Wp, it was one of the solutions !

Draw card on the wheel -> Path -> Follower + Monk(8 dmg)-> 2 flowers -> Follower + Salmon + Chiefrain(11 dmg). Your opponent has 1 hp. Then he surrenders(LETHAL)

Nice try, but you can lethal dude :slight_smile:

Path to Paradise - create a Desert - on top left spot next to enemy orb (and ure only neutral land)

Create a regular desert inbetween ure 2 deserts right left under ure neutral land

summon ure Salmon on ure non enchanted desert, move to enemy mountain infront of his orb (let it stay there for a second)

Raokan Chieftain on any Space from where u can dash him onto ure neutral land.

the following can be done in any order :

Oradrim Monk ure enchanted desert - collect 1 - move to forest attack for 2+2+2 = 6 dmg draw next monk EDIT: draw ure next follower…

crystal on ure monk

follower on ure enchanted desert, move to forest attack for 0+2+2+2 = 6 dmg

crystal on ure follower

summon ure second (drawn) follower on ure enchanted desert attack for 0+2+2+2 = 6 damage

attack with ure salmon summoned earlier for 1+3= 3 dmg EDIT: 1+2 = 3 dmg

total Faeria used: 18
Damage done : 21

Quod Erat Demonstrandum

easy (well… i gues i wouldnt have seen it in a life game but… maybe i wouldve :wink:

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GG Necforce!

looking forward for ure next challange =)