First impression and suggestion

Hello Faeria community. New player here since 3 days and here are a couple of things I hope will be worked on to make my time on this wonderful new game more enjoyable.

1- Make everything on the HUD clearer and text larger. Right now, when I try to read a card’s ability, the text is so small I have to move my face next to the screen to read it.

2- Speaking of HUD, there seem to be some issues playing at different resolution. When my hand grows larger, the rightmost card gets partly hidden behind the terrain circle making it unreadable / unplayable. Or sometime, it’ll select the card instead of allowing me to create say a lake.

3- Creature icon, once they are played on the board, the image shrinks and I can barely see what it is. When I get used to the game, it probably wont be an issue … but for a new player, it sucks to play a big green elemental beast and see a green gooy circle on the board.

4- Creatures and Structures visual feedback is way too similar. A seasoned play might tell them appart easily … but after 3 days, I still find myself hovering over the cards to know for sure before I think for my next move. My suggestion, structure HP should be Inside a new icon, like grey bricks or something.

5- The art direction of cards in general. While everything not game related is beautiful : the board, the HUD, the colors … The art on the cards however sometime look like it was drawn by a 3 years old and sometime by a professionnal. Thus, the art on the cards is inconsistent and it bugs me. Pick a direction and stick with it.

6- Music? Is this game supposed to have music??

7- Break the P2Win argument once and for all and make some low cost (1-2-3) legendary cards as well as high cost one. On of the reasons why Hearthstone is an aggro nightmare is because creating such a deck is dirt cheap. New players will all be aggro and control will only be played by long timer or « customer ». Please make control accessible to new players as well to keep the meta diverse.

8- Speaking of diverse meta, you really should give all color more diverse tools so when we face a color, we dont instantly know what to expect. We know red and green hae no hard removal. We know blue can’t “ping” down a low hp creature. Etc… That’s just bad and sad for my player’s experience. In fact, it just makes the game even more « rock paper scissor » instead of promoting clever deck building and player’s ability to identify what your opponent is playing and adapt while in the game. Think Guildwars … So many skills to choose from … As a result, when you see your opponent class (color) composition, it still could be any « archtype » of build (aggro, tempo, control, midrange, combo, etc.) and reacting accordingly is part of the « player skill » I so desperatly want to be relevant again in a card game. Maybe as the game releases more cards, the “pool” of options will enlarge.

I guess my main issue is how green doesn’t have any option for removal (btw, I dont play green). I hear Magda can be a pain to deal with for a mono-green player … Green really needs to have a way to “force” a fight between two creatures even if they are far appart. That way, a green has access to removal at the cost of high creature’s hp.

TLDR : It’s only been 3-4 days since I started. I’ll keep playing an write another review after I get more game time. (I barely played 4-5 ranked match and did a 12-1 pandora run). But so far, this game is an Hearthstone killer for me. The Terrain / Color mechanic has seduced me.

Happy gaming.

Good morning WeTheNorth and welcome to Faeria! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback!
I have been playing Faeria for so long now that dont think about these HUD issues, so its great that you bring them up! I noticed when I was showing the game to people at Dreamhack that people struggle to see the difference between a structure and a creature. Hopefully we can get a more obvious way to distinguish them in the future, but for now, if something has health but not attack-number, its a structure. They also have different border-shapes.

The art is still being added to the game, some of the art in the current client is still placeholder-art, you can identify placeholder art by the gray circle-frame around the picture.

The game does have music yes :slight_smile:

About “cheap” decks being aggro. There is a red/yellow control-deck called Vicious (or Burn) that is really cheap to get started that many beginners use. Here you can see a video of a free-to-play player setting it up with my help

And about not having “pings” for all colors or a way for green to force fights, there are cards that allow this. Any deck can include a Flame Spitter to their deck, its a red card yes, but it only requires one mountain, so its a very small investment if you feel like you need the ping effect. If you dont like that idea, there is also the neutral card punishment (that kills Magda btw) and Royal Judge that can help out a lot.
For green to force fights / close distance, there is a neutral card called Syland Horsemaster that does exactly this.

Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:
Happy gaming!

Those are very good suggestions and a very high quality answer. Thank you !!

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