First reveal of the Adventure Pouch!

I am a God’s lost memory. You will soon find thirty more of me.

In Faeria, you play as a god fighting to regain your lost memory, known as memoria. Some of that regained memory manifests itself as the cards you earn and then subsequently play. You’ve got it - the answer to our first riddle means that in the Adventure Pouch: Oversky expansion, we will introduce 30 new cards lootable through the Co-op campaign!

So thirty new cards, really excited to see them! Also really looking forward to the co-op campaign.

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Exciting news! That’s a lot and we got 6 already. Wonder how the co-op campaign will work…

Does that mean that players that don’t buy the Adventure Pouch can’t get them through chests?
Or will players who buy them just get them all by playing the compaign and/or through random chests?

The statement from last Friday says:

However, you will still be able to spend Gold instead of Gems to unlock the Adventure Pouch’s new Co-Op Campaign, as well as more that is still to be revealed. Once again, we promise that there won’t be any cards that you can’t collect as a F2P player.

So I don’t think you have to buy the whole Adventure Pouch to get the new cards, and that you can buy the Co-Op campaign with ingame gold which will grand you the cards. I guess the card’s won’t be in chests as well, so it will be somewhat similar to adventures in Hearthstone.

The most important point we want to make absolutely clear, is that neither future cards, nor solo content, will be restricted to real-money purchases only.

Should be available for free players. I got a couple of the 6 new cards before from chests. You can craft them too like normally.

6 cards per colour, including Neutral. I’d prefer to see twice as many cards with less quality. =P

Yeah now that you put it like that 30 cards do feel a bit lackluster.
I think 10 cards per color would be appropriate. I just hope those few cards will be powerful enough to change the current meta or add interesting mechanics to the game :slight_smile: