Fix the "Latest decks" view in the hub

In the Hub, when viewing any deck, the UI element which is supposed to show the latest decks instead shows the same 3 decks made 3 months ago. So it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve never had this problem… The ones at the top of the page, with pictures, are Featured decks, not the latest. Just underneath that, there is a list of all decks uploaded to the Hub. It can be sorted by “most recent” (in which case, the latest ones are at the top), “most commented”, “most liked” and even “the oldest” The default is “most recent”, but maybe you chose one of the other options and forgot to change it back? If you tried reloading the page and the problem still persists, it may be a bug.

You are talking about a different Hub page.

I am talking about the one where you clicked on any deck and are viewing its contents.

On the right first block is “most liked decks” without pictures, second block with pictures - “most recent decks”, which shows same 3 decks from many months ago.

Thanks for the link. I know what you mean now. If they even removed the second block altogether, it would have been less confusing - with the latest decks viewable in both the Decks section and the Boards section, we don’t even need it!

Still unfixed. It can’t be that hard to edit one html page. There is probably less than half an hour of work there for 1 person.