Fix the Match-Up Algorithm

I love this game, but something I’ve noticed and is frustrating it how the game matches players up for battles. It seems like the only way it deems a match to be “fair” is to have players with similar decks oppose each other.

For example, when I use my red damage dealing deck, I get mainly matched up with other red damage dealing or red/yellow damage dealing decks. My green buff deck gets matched against a similar green buff deck. Green/yellow sacrifice against green/yellow sacrifice. My multi-color wild deck, go figure, get’s match against a similar multi-color wild deck. Blue or Red Faeria reduction decks, you guessed it… the same type of opponents.

I admit I’m not a expert player, but I’m also not on the low end either. I figure I’m a good average to better than average player. It seems like the algorithm is designed to only allow certain types of decks to play against each other. With such a wide variety of cards and deck design options, it seems a shame to not be able to try different styles against each other. I’ve got several “interesting” game mechanic decks I like to play, but invariably I’m always matched up to the 5 or 6 best tournament style decks out there. The variations seem non-existent at this point as everyone plays almost the same decks against each other with only minor variations because that is the only way to win. Many cards seem to be left unused because of this as well (despite the fact of not have other similar support cards to build decks around).

Side note: some of the few times I’ve seen non-similar deck matches come across as grossly uneven. A slow green buff deck is hard pressed to deal with fast yellow haste / destroy deck for example.

I don’t believe your competitors like Hearthstone, Magic, etc would match players based on deck designs. A white Magic deck wouldn’t only be matched up versus another white deck, or black versus black only, etc.

I know it’s hard to match players up when there are currently so few playing right now. I appreciate the efforts being made to increase the player base with the Epic game store addition and future console release. But please look into correcting the algorithm for match making.

I don’t know everything you have to consider, but maybe compare player’s overall game experience (the number under the avatar on the main screen), with Battle / Pandora / Mission levels, and maybe establish a deck build point system where cards are rated (assigned a point value) based upon their strengths/abilities to create an overall deck value and match these up accordingly. The collective total would allow advanced players to be matched with similarly skilled opponents while lower level / newer players could develop without being pummeled by the more advanced players. Just some thoughts.

I love this game. It’s so unique and it offers so much and I’ll continue to play regardless. I want this game to succeed on so many levels. Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

I’ve ran a red rush deck to god rank this month and I only saw about maybe 3 other monored rush decks out of the 3 dozen games I played.