Flame thrower text wrong?

on the card text it says deal 1 damage to all creatures however it does full damage to all creatures when it attacks.
is this a bug or wrong text? (i hope it’s a bug cause that is op af if it isn’t)

It’s when you attack a god it also deals 1 damage to all creatures.

the game i had it did not do 1 damage. it was buffed to 4 and did 4 damage to all creatures (yes after hitting a god)
i had to double take on the text to make sure i wasn’t reading it wrong when it happened.

“Ranged Whenever this creature attacks a god, deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures.”

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Seems like a bug lol
Good for you I guess, I hope you won :smiley:

Wow, that sounds op. Thanks for reporting this.