Flight of the Mantas

Hello, i know the expension set is still not complete, but i think a minor change can be done on this card. The mechanisme is actually problematique for 2 reasons:
-opponent know when you draw it
-can make you overdraw
I don’t think the card is too strong to keep those problem up.

Why don’t put the duplicate effect when you play the Manta spell? It will be more flexible, you control the card pop, the first is still hide from opponent, its now longer a true problem when you have it in first hand.

Of course, you have to change the text of the second in your hand to stop the duplicate, but its not hard, its already done with twin souls for exemple.

What do you think about it?

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That’d be pretty nice

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I’m not sure whether the effects you mention are errors, rather than simple downsides to the card. If you run a deck with Flight, avoid drawing with 8 cards in hand, and assume your opponent knows when you have it. It is annoying though to have to monitor your enemy draws, so I’ll support your proposal. It does make it very similar to Twinsoul, though.

While it’s not one of the strongest Oversky cards IMHO, it does provide lots of event synergy. 2 events per card is better than anything else currently. Maybe you could limit it to one per turn, like Prayer? That’d also make it less like Twinsoul.

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I like it, the downside to the cards are a bit too much considering the 4 special land requirement with no wild land. The second manta will need different text to the first one for another reason, so players can keep track in case we draw another one. May get complicated with multiple mantas in hand. Another option is to be like battle toads where you need to play both in the same turn, but it loses flexibility.

This complexity is nothing compared to sky yaks though. XD

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There is insane Flight of the Mantas + Dream Keeper combo in the game. Seems developers haven’t anticipate this.

Do you mean the drawing of reshuffled copied mantas cause re-copying? That’d be crazy (and yeah, probably unintended).

its fun and you can set up an OTK as capuccino demonstrated on his twitch with aurora’s disciple. Still I don’t think it’s broken, just a fun combo.