Flying creatures and land placement

Always wondered about this, but I can’t quite figure it out, or is it a bug? Why is it that when I move flying creatures over non-connected lands or enemy lands, I can’t place lands, but plenty of times I’ve had a gem-silk faerie rush up to my face and drop a land completely unconnected to the enemy lands? What’s the rule for placement of lands next to flying creatures, and should it even be allowed to have lands placed next to flying creatures (especially charge ones) considering the ease at which they move? If this is not a bug, I think it should be discussed whether or not this is a fair feature.

The rules for land placement is:

  • You can play land adjacent to your land.
  • You can play land adjacent to a land (not tile!) you have a creature on.

So your flying creature must stand on your opponents land to place land next to it. It does not work if your creature is flying on ocean-tiles.

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Thanks for the clarification! That makes more sense.

No problem :slight_smile: Dont hesitate to ask more questsions :slight_smile: