**For Developers** Do You Have a Plan to Save Faeria?

I backed the game in KickStarter, and I love what you created. You’ve developed a wonderful card/board hybrid game. However, the player population has declined steadily, and this month the peak in-game population was about 160. This is dangerously low, and results in players facing off against the same players and longer search times.

My question for you: do you have a plan to save the game? I don’t know what the answer is, but perhaps making the base game F2P and reducing the price of the expansions would offer the game a needed boost. I know you’re releasing on consoles this summer, but that might not be enough to revitalize the population.

I don’t know what the answer is, but at this point it’s about saving the game, and I really want you to succeed!


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Hello pardo!

I believe we’ve talked some in our Discord, but just want to point out that we hear you.

We’re working with our new publishing partners at Versus Evil on getting the game out to more people.

For example, as you know, this weekend is a free weekend for Faeria on Steam, so anyone can come give it a try.

I’m one of those players and spreading the word. I like Magic the Gathering and TBS so this is a good mix ;).