**For developers** Plans to revive Faeria post-F2P weekend?

I love that you experimented with a F2P weekend, but it only temporarily revived the player base. We’re back down to <200 players peak on steam in last 48 hours.

Could you please explain to the community what future plans you have to revive the game’s population? An expansion I know is coming, but it’s not going to revive the game. Perhaps you have other ideas? One possibility is making the game and prior expansions F2P indefinitely and monetizing the cosmetics and latest expansion only.

Link to Faeria Steam peak player pop:

Making the game free to play will raise the players. However, free to play players will stick around for a shorter length, and also likely spend less than 25 dollars. There are ways to raise the player count, but that isn’t one.

Some games on Steam have a sale every time there’s a major content update. The next expansion is coming next month. Perhaps they will repeat the “F2P + expansion discount” combo when that launches, as it seemed to be very effective. If such sales become regular, people would anticipate them.