For the new Single player content!

Good morning guys! In todays announcment I got super excited to read the following!

We aim to have around 20 hours of solid single player content to begin with, and plan to steadily increase that amount over the coming months and years.

I think Single player content is a great way to introduce new cards, and it could be paid-only content aswell, like how Hearthstone’s adventures are!

I loved the single player experience in Faeria and I am excited to get more of it!

Thanks for all your hard work! <3


i like the game so far, i like single player contant in this games.
i hope that there isnt to much paid-only sp-content. Its okay if i can buy cards or special items with € and/or for a high amount of ingame coins. But in my opinion, if Faeria decided to want to get bigger and better than Hearthstone, they need to take a fair pricing model on it. But thats another thing.

yea, Single Player Content :slight_smile:

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If they will be paid with money, I hope there will be a paid with gold version too.