Forcy's Report-Sheet


I used the translation report template to make some suggestions about the german localization:

link to my sheet

I mainly focused on the names of the cards and not on the descriptions (which probably also need some work).
The sheet was already posted in the discord channel, where Xologrim had some good ideas that I implemented.
If you want to you should be able to comment directly on the document. The more ideas the better :rubyfish:

Cya :slight_smile:

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Most of these are definitely better than the current ones, in particular I like the solutions for the four different elemental silk faeries. I do not like the suggestion for Zauberstrudel (Spellwhirl) - the current one seems absolutely fine. I also wouldn’t change Wandermönch :slight_smile:

Suggestions by me:
ENG | currentGER < suggestedGER

Unbound Evolution | Entfesselte Entwicklung < Ungebremste Evolution
Apex Predator | Gipfelräuber < Dominierendes Raubtier
Steamforge Enforcer | Vollstrecker der Dampfschmiede < Dampfbetriebener Vollstrecker
Bloodwell Sprite | Blutbrunnengeist < Blutbrunnenkobold
Hate Seed | Samen des Hasses < Hass-Keimling or Hass-Setzling
Groundshaker | Das Beben < Bodenstampfer
Battle Rager | Rausch des Kampfes < WĂĽtende Brut
Doomgate, Door to Oblivion | Das Tor zum Vergessen > Portal des voranschreitenden Untergangs
Warstorm Champion | Held der StĂĽrme > Meister des SchlachtgetĂĽmmels
Windborne Champion | Held der Windnatur > Meister der LĂĽfte
Windborne | Windnatur < Windschnittig
Earthcraft | Erdenwerk < Naturgeschaffen
Deepwood Grizzly | Düsterforst-Bär < Düsterwald Grizzlybär

Good ideas, thanks for your response :smile:
But I wouldn’t put too much work into this, because the devs didn’t actually seem too interested in doing anything translation related. When I created the sheet I asked around and apparently they don’t even have anyone that is in charge with looking at any translation-suggestions, so… yeah… I guess they are useless for now and just a dump for your time.
But you definitely have some good input ^^

well not all of this is correct or sounds like good german. the (!) are the fraces i agree with.

Unbound Evolution | Entfesselte Entwicklung (!) unbound isnt unrestrained. no change requiered.
Apex Predator (!) | well, 1st apex is latin 2nd apex already is the name for a deck theme. wouldnt translate it at all. predator, is a well known frace thy to the movies, n all the german corrisponses sound weird. (raubtier/plĂĽnderer).
Steamforge Enforcer | Dampfbetriebener Vollstrecker (!) i hate “dampfbetrieben” but literly theres no alternative.
Bloodwell Sprite | Seele/Geist/Schatten der Blutquelle. since it harms the rival, i would pick sth with a negative tone for the spirit. “Gespenst der Blutquelle” (!)
Hate Seed | Saat des Hasses / Saat der Abscheu / Saat der Verachtung (!) one of those.
Groundshaker | Das Beben / Der ErschĂĽtterer (!) ( n-one stamps noone tramps )
Battle Rager | Schlachten Furie (!) ( its not a “brut” (brood/fledgling), doesnt even look a live )
Doomgate, Door to Oblivion | Das Tor zum Vergessen (!) or better Tor zur Vergessenheit.
Warstorm Champion | Meister des Schlachtgetümmels (!) ( the frace “stürme” is simply wrong, but there has to be a better n shorter word than schlachtgetümmel )
Windborne Champion | Meister der LĂĽfte (!) ( same like windborne explanation below )
Windborne | Windschnittig / Vom Wind getragen (!) ( explanation below )
Earthcraft | Erdenwerk (!) ( its 100% correct this way, old but common german frace, naturgeschaffen is wrong n sounds childish )
Deepwood Grizzly | Düsterforst-Bär (!) ( a grizzly aready is a bear, dont be too germanish. n a forst also is a wald )

wonder how “borne” n “born” are equalized.^^

noticed this first time when bloodborne released.
borne equals “carried by”, so bloodborne is sth like HIV.
while born is, yea, awakened, turned alive.

so windborne is carried by wind (vom wind getragen), streamlined (windschnittig) would do it as well, but doesnt fit 100%.