Forum Game: Riddles!

YES! Hit the nail on the head.

He is literally your voice, as you come under “all.”

Me trying to exclude some other cards from being “Correct.”

Me trying to hard to make it rhyme.

Infers he doesn’t do anything whilst he’s there, he needs to have been here to do anything.

Now, someone else try and come up with something. making it rhyme is nice, but by no means necessary. also, legendaries tend to have rather distinct effects and long titles, which can make them an easier subject for a riddle, but it’s all down to the author. I’ll post another tomorrow if no one else has, but I’d like to see people getting creative with their own riddles.

That’s not an easy task, but here I come :

Invisible to the eyes, but you can feel my presence
Nobody but the Land can stop the change I bring
If you make an offering, I will turn against your enemy

I’m afraid making it rhyme is simply not in my ability :wink:

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Don’t worry, it comes with practice. I don’t have my client available at the moment to check, but what about Bearu?

Nay, Baeru is definiely not invisible (giant water monster).
You’re not looking at aquatic either here.

Okay, so the first line gives me the impression it is some kind of a ghost or phantom, or maybe even a faerie.
the second one, I assumed meant it was aquatic, but you’ve told me that’s not the case, so I guess that just means it doesn’t fly and it might have charge (which rules faeries out).
The last line make me think of demon wrangler, deathwalker, something like that, but neither of those have charge or are invisible, so I’m kind of at a loss.

Also, don’t feel bad in anyway about not making it rhyme.

Two tips for you, then :slight_smile:

You’re thinking of finding someone, maybe you should look for finding something.
I have no consciousness, no will. I am, and I do. That’s all.

You’re not looking at the right kind of offering

Is it the 0 mana yellow spell that moves a minion?

Ding Ding ! That’s it ! Flash Wind ! :smiley:

Wind is invisible, but you feel it on your skin

You can move a creature on any free tile, even out of taunt, but not from land to water (well except for flying though)

If you pay 3f for the spell, you cast it on opponent’s creature instead of yours

Okay, I’ll make another because why not.

Out the ground I grow,
Falcon Dive me now,
Whilst my health is low,
Or faeria I’ll bestow.

Pretend now rhymes with grow, and were good. It’s alott harder then it comes across to make things rhyme, and harder still to keep the syllable count (which only works here if you count Faeria as 1).

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Are you a Seedling? I need to type more stuff to meet 20 character limit

Or maybe a Faeria Tree (“Or Faeria I bestow”) ?

falcon dive can only target creatures.

Um, well this is awkward, they both work, really, really well. The intended solution was Faeria Tree, but I completely forgot Falcon Dive can only target minions… sorry.

All right, here is my shot at a riddle…

My children wither then they grow
My size will be felt by your foe
And with few forests I am low

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Are you an Oak Father ? Tarum approves :smiley:

Ding-Ding. Yep. You got it right.

This seems fun. Here, let me try this as well :smiley:

Water is what my brothers never need,
So the Wells are things I have never seen.
I will strike from where you don’t look, the sky,
Don’t Rush it they say, but I’m going to try.

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Is it a Dune Drake? :slight_smile:

Here is a very vague one by me!

I am like a treasure goblin - except I kill you!

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