Forum Game: Riddles!

Hi, I’m Sn0wchaser (Don’t Question the name). I Wanted to liven up the place with something a bit less serious, so, I’ve made a home for everything riddle!

feel free to post any riddles on cards or anything else in the game, as well as answering them

I’ll kick things off with an easy one,

I Am your Mouth,
Not eyes or ears,
When things go south,
Hope I’ve been here.


Awesome idea ! ^^ I am still searching for the answer :slight_smile:

Good to hear! I wouldn’t want anyone getting it first try, but whilst your searching, feel free to write your own.

I believe the answer is garudan, since he is the only game changer,
which might be meant with
“when things go south
hope I’ve been here”
as he can literally win you a game, which went really bad for you.
Also the first phrase is quite fitting
“I Am your Mouth,
Not eyes or ears,”
since garudan does spit flames, which come from his mouth.

Nope, take the first line more literally.

And maybe the last line less so.

Hey there!

Cool idea! I’m just gonna go ahead and move this to off-topic, but defenitely have fun with this thread! :slight_smile:

In answer to riddle…

Are you the forest I hope to Feed?

EDIT: Are we to assume the sollution to the riddles in this thread are faeria related, or are we just asking/answering random riddles?

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They’ll all be faeria related, probably mostly cards unless you can come up with something incredibly inventive. and that is not the answer to the riddle.

Off topic, Okay, your in charge I guess, but I really wouldn’t call this off topic…

Okay, I thought that was a somewhat simple riddle, but I’ll post another riddle of a more well known card, and it will give you something else to do whilst trying to work out the other riddle.

Many years under my belt,
Or should I say my shell.
Dreams of mine and yours I make
Though I am rather frail.

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Mmmmmh… I will try an answer :

Is it Aurora ?

Still searching for the first one :smiley:

Yes, First time, Quite an easy one. Feel free to take some pot shots at the first one.

Is the answer to the original riddle Voice of Hunger?

No, but you on the right track.
take the first couple of lines more literally, and the last 2 less so.

I’ll try something too : Doomgate, which devours units, and cannot be activate on the same turn it’s been landed ?
But illustration shows eyes, so I guess it’s not that :confused:

No idea what that is, but no, afraid not.

Here is a try for your first riddle :

Is it Prophet of Tides ? A prophet is the mouth (the messenger) of a god, and the ability to moove lands is very useful against rush (when things go south). Well, it’s probably not that, because Prophet of Tides can only moove our own lands… Please tell me if I’m searching in the right direction :slight_smile:

Otherwise, I understand “when things go south” as : when we are in great danger, when opponents’ creatures are coming near our orb.
Very funny game anyway ^^ Thank you !

No, not really in the right direction either, take the first line completely literally. the card is literally YOUR voice.

For what It’s worth, I tried this on another forum, for a card game, funnily enough, and it turns out, and didn’t expect this, but it seems you get better at riddles with practice, both solving and making them.

Now I’ll try Eredon, Voice of All, as if he’s been here, all your bodies are buffed
But I’m still not sure -.-"