Found a bug, unable to play Iona's Mirror

I was just in a pandora match when I got a Iona’s Mirror after attacking with a Jeweled Magpie. I clearly had the 2 mana available, but the card couldn’t be played. I’ve included a screenshot of the match.

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What treasure had your opponent played?

If I recall correct it was the hammer.

Please also consider submitting the bug with screenshot to the Faeria bugs part of the website! I know a lot of people post here but this is the official place :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I was looking for it for ages but couldn’t find anything like that on the website :open_mouth:


It’s probably because “Iona’s Mirror” checks in the discard pile for the last Treasure while Hammer goes back in the deck. In physical card game it’s often how it works but I guess they could have worded the card better. :wink: