Found a Bug with the tiki caretaker (video)

So I was playing pandora and just happend to play against my friend who was also queueing. This is why you can hear him having all the fun whilst I’m salty saying: “what!? I didn’t even click on him”.

Yes I record things with playstv. No I’m not promoting myself, just reporting this thing I believe is a bug.

That happened because your turn ran out. Since Gift effects cannot be cancelled once the creature is on the board, there are certain things like this that randomly select a target if your turn timer ends while you still have it selected. Its not really a bug but something that can still be quite annoying to deal with. Hopefully it’ll be updated in a way to function more intuitively to return the creature to your hand or something like that.

If they could at least limit it to a random friendly it wouldn’t be as annoying.

Cheers for the speedy reply! Now I know not to try things in the last second.