Free Battle Chests for new players. Read this!

Hi, if you want free Battle Chests while you leveling up, you can add me in your friends list and then select me as your recruiter (right-click on my name in the friends list).
If you need more help, you can also add me on Discord.

My in-game name is Merlinux.
My Discord is Merlinux#1084.

This works only if you are of level 5 or less.

Good advice. You can also have me as your recruiter to spread the friendship! In game name : Sponge.

Now it works if you are level 5.
The rewards can be checked in
By the way, my in-game is Tomochi. Spread the friendship by selecting me also as recruiter in your friends lists.

If we are spreading love and friendship I wanna join in. In game name: NationalArmy .