Free Card Rotation

Another suggestion to the devs for making the game more accessible as well as, coloured chests. Would be to have a certain % of the cards be free, working on a rotation.
This could be implimented in numerous ways:

  • Random - A % of all rarity of card. e.g. 10% of common cars, 10% Rare cards etc.

  • One specific deck is completely free - allowing for the devs to demonstrate specific playstyles, and giving new players a guidelines for the next deck, as well as providing new players with a deck more playable than the starter. (there is also room for adjustments to the current starter deck system, like giving people the option to choose a coloured starter deck)

  • Cards oreintated towards one playstyle - this demonstrates different play styles for new players, without handing people a full deck to be countered. This will give certain new players direction.

I believe this is a versitile and unique-in-genre mechanic (as far as i know), which serves to enable and educate new players.