Free Dragon Orb and Egg coupons for my recruits!

Hi, I’m looking for active recruits.
Read this link about the Recruitment program and its rewards: Faeria: Strategy Card Game meets Living Board

IMPORTANT NOTE: the game allow you to become a recuit of someone only if you are of level 5 or below.

In addition to the rewards of the official program, I’ll give these rewards to my recruits:

  • Golden Dragon Orb coupon to the first of my recruits to reach level 25!

  • Egg avatar coupon to the first of my recruits to reach level 20!

Fell free to add me as your recruiter. My in-game name is Merlinux.

PS: adding me as your friend is not enough to become a recruit of mine. Read the link above.

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At this moment my best recruit is at level 12.

The offer is still valid!

I edited the first post. I added a Golden Dragon Orb as prize.

Cool, I’ll add you and tell wifey to do the same.

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Seriously does no one want egg and dragon orb?

Ok, I’ll make it easy and more tempting: instead of giving the Egg to the second of my recruits to reach level 25, I’ll give it to the first to reach level 20, so you can get both (I edited the first post accordingly).

Here there is the situation of my recruits:

NB: Dmbob and Paperina are my family members, so they don’t partecipate. Of course I have censured the email addresses and part of the usernames, for privacy.

My recruits are really lazys. They are in this situation from at least a month (the first half of them are there from more then 2 months).

I’m looking for more active recruits.

I add you as friend
Recruit me :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: oops im not below lvl 5 =/

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If you were of level 5 or below, you see a text field, at the bottom of the friend list, where you have to write the in-game name of your recruiter.

We have the first winner: Sohala is the first to reach the level 20! He/She wins the Egg avatar!

As always Dmbob and Paperina don’t partecipate.

So remains a Dragon Orb to win.

And finally we have a winner of the Dragon Orb: Sohala!!! You’ll reacieve the coupon by email.

I want to congratulate with Biki*****get for his rush: 19 levels in only one day!!!

If I’ll win another Dragon Orb, I’ll open a new contest. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Huh… I didn’t even realize this was going… :sweat:
Well, thank you for the egg and orb! :yak:

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