Friendlist management/notification and Chat

A lot of players mentioned they can’t get others to accept their friend request to complete quest.

The problem is player don’t get notified when they have a friend request. Even if you look at your friendlist, with friend suggestions piling up after every game, friend request just get buried among them. You need to carefully read the dimmed text to find it.

I would suggest only keep the latest player you played as friend suggestion. And notify for friend request like game request.

How you need to right click for sending messages and other tasks is not user friendly either. Left click does nothing. Chat box disappear when you play, and you need to go to friendlist, find and right-click on friend every time to bring it back. Could you make it bring up chat box immediately with left click on somewhere convenient.

The game is a lot more fun if you can share with someone. All the difficulties with friending and chatting is not helping.