Friends List is a mess

Bad enough the game adds every person you play as a ‘Suggested’ and you have to remove them (and I’m sure that’s also why a lot of people DON’T accept friend request - I’ve certainly accidentally deleted a request thinking it was just an auto suggestion!!), but it also adds all the Steam Friends who may have once tried Faeria but clearly don’t play anymore and WON’T LET ME REMOVE THEM!! Seriously, I’ve deleted the “Suggested because Steam Friend” entry dozens of times and they keep coming back! It makes managing the friends I do have much harder than it should be.

i think that’s just a way to improve ways of getting friends. it’s not that boring, u can just delete a request after the game, u need 1 click.

Not Steam Friends who have also played Faeria - they get re-added no matter how many times you delete them.

This is true and it has always been like this.
Really annoying.

i don’t see any steam friend suggestion :confused:

They have to have also signed up for Faeria at some point.