Frogify nerf pls

It is impossible for a red deck to win against a blue deck if they draw all 3 frogify cards early. It is impossible to bait them out early and they can just dominate you early game. I suggest either allowing only 1 or 2 frogify or make it at least 3/3 or 4/4 frog with jump to balance it out.

It’s an OP card - I think, from reading here, a lot of people see it that way including at the top level. I do agree. In all my decks that go blue I have all 3, and it’s the first card I crafted to max.

I think your 1st suggestion adds too much complexity - it’s good to not have weird arbitrary rules for specific cards if it can be balanced without them.

Changing to 3/3 might be a good addition - you might see people using it on their own creatures then, e.g. Lore Thief. It might be better than simply upping the cost or adding a lake. The only downside is that you’re not using the default frog - so either you create a new base 3/3 card or you just add +1/+1 to a regular frog (IMHO best).

4/4 is a huge nerf, IMHO too much. Although at least you could swap the regular frog for a Triton Warrior instead of having to do +1/+1.

I think your 3/3 suggestion is the best fix I’ve heard anywhere, the worst part will be making the description correct if you go the +1/+1 route.

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I ran into an opponent today who had a blue/tan deck and had 3 frogify, 3 choking sand and 3 last nightmare… There needs to be a limit on hard removal cards of some sort. I’m no expert on these types of games, but it seems quite ridiculous to me.

Frogifiy is definitely a tough card. Maybe try playing decks with Divine Guardian as a collector? That way you are able to maintain board presence and collect. This will help you stay ahead in the economy to replace your creatures as they get frogified.

I mean I’m in plat and I’ve seen all kinds of play styles. I feel like all of the jump cards in blue decks would easily get to divine guardian. The only counter I’ve found is to bait the frogify with mid level cards until I count the 3, but thny there are all of the “half life and damage” cards that can really ruin a Seifer if you manage to get it out without having it frogified. Red/Green deck mechanics require cards to stay out and get buffed as the game progresses and it is really hard to do that no matter where they are on the board.

Honestly blue decks make me not want to play this game anymore.

Most deck types have something they beat well. For those 3 (frogify, choking sands, last nightmare) that’s 12+12+18 = 42 faeria. To destroy 9 units, 3 of which have 3 attack or less, and you give the enemy 3 frogs. On the flip side, 42 faeria = 10 4-cost creatures + 2.

So if you go mass cheap/medium units you’re going to be well ahead.
For red/green, don’t go for one big uber giant. Spread buffs around. Never rely on one unit. Just be faeria-effective - that’s the #1 thing in faeria IMHO. Seifer costs 5, last nightmare 6. Crackthorn spreads buffs well. Thyrian golems are 5 for a huge 5/10.

Early on I too felt last nightmare was unbalanced. Now I don’t. Frogify is, a bit. But not enough to destroy the game. Choking Sands is good, but IMHO not OP. The problem is it’s a useful card that’s rare/expensive so few people use it and get used to it.

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True, but if you build specifically against Blue and Tan decks, you get wrecked by high health green and combat red decks. It’s hard to find a good balance.