Full Disenchant values from June 6th Patch

Outcast Tower
Earthcraft (was Breath of Life)
Lord of Terror
Flame Burst
Malevolent Spirit

Full Disenchant values are effective for one week.

Full crafting refunds are introduced to compensate those players who have are stuck with cards they potentially cannot use anymore due to a reduction in stats or a change in design that results in a potentially worse card, depending on deck construction. Cards that are strictly buffed in power level do not fall in this category.

Mythic Cards:
We do not plan on applying crafting refunds to Mythic cards, as you are able to reliably obtain them from Pandora and will only end up as crafting fodder when patches roll around, making them feel less special. Mythic cards intended as a luxury item only. Please be aware of this for the future.

Don’t work -___- Values are still same.

Hmm, will get this looked into.

Phantom coin was not added after first login also. Some parts of patch didn’t work properly maybe?

Did you already have a coin?

Also, the values were just fixed. Check them now. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

I have only “golden” coins for big Pandora. My friends didn’t receive Phantom coins too as I know.

Tnx for “values”! Works great now.

Also Earthcraft was Breath of Life not Wild Growth.

The first Phantom Coins will be given at midnight CEST, which is about 2 hours from now.

So it will be automatic? Not “At your first login, each day” as news says?

You must login to receive a Phantom Coin. You will not receive a Phantom Coin if you do not log in.

You cannot have more than one Phantom Coin at a time. You are eligible to receive one Phantom Coin per day.