Full memoria for vampire


I am going to memoria my vampires but when I click on them in crafting it only sees I will get 20 memoria not 80. Is the full refund working?

Well it was working 10 hours ago, when I disenchanted my vampire. But it definetly said 80 refund to me.
They also had a small patch 2 hours or so ago. Might be something went wrong there, so better don’t try it out right now. There’s also still something wrong with the changed rarities.

Gareth wrote on Discord:

Note: The rarity changes that went in today have not fully gone into effect for Pandora selections, Booster opening, and Crafting. We will be remedying this later this week.

thanks for the reply. I shall wait.

It sees 80 now and you get 80 :slight_smile: all is well.

This should be fixed now, sorry about that!